Sunday, 31 July 2011

10 Steps to Floor Sanding

Floor sanding is not really a DIY job. It is in fact a job for the professionals. Anyway just in case you want to know how to sand a wooden floor I will give you a a little guide to sanding and restoring wooden flooring.

First of all you will need to use a belt floor sandin g machine with a very coarse 36 grit on to remove all of the old seal and to level the floor. Always sand the floor going with the wood grain or at a 45 degrees angle to the grain.

Next you will need to start the smoothing process by using a 50 grit sanding belt. This will remove the scratches left by the previous 36 grit belt.

Next use a 80 grit sanding belt to remove the scratches left by the 50 grit sanding belt.

Next you will need a rotary sander or a buffer with a 100 grit or 120 grit disk to remove the fine scratches left by the 80 grit sanding belt. The buffer will leave the floor very smooth and prepare the floor for priming.

You will then need to apply a wood flooring base prime to prepare the wood floor for lacquering.

After you have primed the wooden floor you will then need to run the buffer machine over it with a 150 grit disk to remove any raised grain, leaving the floor very smooth.

Hoover the floor to remove all traces of dust and begin to roller on the lacquer of your choice e.g Bona or Junkers.

Next apply the second coat of lacquer after the first coat is dry.

You can then apply a third coat of lacquer if it is a high traffic area to protect the floor more.

You should then try your best to keep the floor free from any grit and dirt to keep the floor looking at its best for a longer period of time.

Floor sanding and restoring wooden flooring can transform a whole room from looking dull and dirty to looking new, fresh and very trendy. Wooden flooring is a very expensive material for flooring when you include the product and the installation cost, so it is therefore very beneficial to sand the floor and restore it as the cost is kept very low. Floor sanding again is a professional job so if you can help it do not try and start a floor on your own as it may end up ruining your beautiful wooden floor.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Important Features Of Limestone Floors

Limestone floors make a perfect choice for residential establishments and this is apparent from builders and constructors using this flooring material for designing apartments, condos and other residential units. They believe that this particular flooring has the capacity to withstand everything from high temperature to scratches and from moisture to spill. In recent years the demand for limestone has increased to manifold because it has demonstrated that it can last long even under adverse conditions. This stone is suitable for kitchen, bathroom and high traffic areas like entrance, terrace and patio. The beauty is limestone is this that it is convenient to install and easy to maintain.

In this time and age, when people have little time to look after their home decoration, limestone floors provide the best option. Once installed correctly, this flooring lasts much longer than the concrete, wood or tiles. Limestone slabs require less maintenance as they have excellent resistance power. They remain unaffected from moisture, caustic and acidic liquids, fruit juices and vinegar. It is due to this feature that limestone tiles are recommended for use on kitchen backsplash wall, shower area, entrance and backyard porch. These tiles will never let you down, if you take care of them.

When remodelling your home, you have two options - full remodelling and selected remodelling. Full remodelling is required when floor and walls start displaying signs of aging. Selected remodelling is done when home owners want to accentuate or improve the look of a particular portion of their dwellings. If you are going for full remodelling of your home floor then use limestone floors and get peace of mind for decades. If you are going for selected remodelling then consider using limestone because it comes in a wide range of colours and textures. In addition, you can cut limestone tiles easily into different shapes and sizes according to your requirement. These tiles are quite handy to use hence you will find no difficulty in working with limestone slabs.

Limestone floors are said to be maintenance free flooring because of its high resistance capacity. This flooring can brave bulky objects and also it doesn't develop cracks or breaches overtime. You can construct a comfortable sun bath area using limestone tiles. Or create an amazing pool floor with these slabs. Since they are easy to install, you can try fixing limestone tiles with the help of a quality adhesive and a few helping hands.