Monday, 29 June 2009

Rubber Floor Mats Do More Than Just Keep Your House Clean

Do you ever notice the rubber floor mat by your front door? If you are like most people, you probably do not even remember all the times that you've used a rubberized floor mat in your life in order to clean off your feet. Many people do not appreciate the wonderful ability that rubber-floor-mats have to help keep your house clean.

The majority of rubber-floor mats are relatively inexpensive and do a great job at keeping homes clean, businesses clean, and are able to minimize the amount of dirt and other substances that get tracked into a building. It has become very popular for most people to have some kind of rubber floor "welcome" mat outside of their front door. This is because seeing a rubber-floor-mat encourages people to wipe the dust and grime from the bottoms of their shoes before entering your home.

Businesses make use of industrial-sized rubber-floor mats for the same purpose: To keep the workplace flooring clean of all debris. Most blue-collar jobs that require a lot of physical labor actually mandate that rubber floor mats be placed throughout the building in order to help keep their workers safe. If you ever inspected the work area of most fast-food restaurants, you would have noticed that there are plenty of rubber floor mats. The reason that rubber-floor mats are used by most fast-food restaurants is to ensure the safety of their workers.

Often times people will have a rubber-floor mat in their kitchen area in order to ensure stability. You surely do not want to slip in your kitchen while carrying a hot dish or pan of food. Therefore, in order to help prevent yourself from slipping up, it is recommended to lay down some rubber flooring. Not only does a rubber floor mat provide good accident-prevention in the kitchen and help keep work-spaces clean of debris, but it also has the ability to help you from getting your car dirty.

If you have ever taken the time to look down at the flooring of your vehicle, chances are that you quickly were able to notice the rubberized floor mat near the driver's side, as well as in the co-captain seat. The reason that automotive manufacturers give you a vehicle with multiple rubber-floor mats inside is because they want you keep the inside of your car clean. Having high-quality rubber floor mats added to your car can really help maintain your vehicle and prevent dirt granules, pebbles, and mud from ruining the interior of your carpeting.

There are certain types of rubber-floor mats that are more effective at trapping dirt than others, so it is recommended that you look into buying the most effective and durable floor mats for your home, business, and vehicles. Since rubber floor mats are very low-cost, you can buy a lot of good quality ones for a fairly low price. Do some internet research and read up on the latest reviews in order to find a rubber floor mat to best suit your needs.

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Super! You've Chosen Bamboo Flooring, But Here is What You Don't Know

You've decided to use environmentally-friendly bamboo flooring in your home, and you've made a great choice. After all, everyone is going green these days, and bamboo flooring is an excellent step in that direction. You can, however, take your decision just a little further by opting for strand-woven bamboo flooring.

Now if you're wondering exactly what strand-woven bamboo is, you aren't alone, because the material is relatively new to the market. It is made from bamboo strips being woven together and then covered with a special adhesive. The bamboo product is then put under extreme compression until the adhesive dries and the material becomes stablized. Once that happens, this eco-friendly material can be cut into desired sizes of boards and planks. Since it's made of the pieces of bamboo that are left over in the making of standard bamboo planks, you're actually using flooring that's been made of what would have been wasted bamboo.

Why Strand-Woven Bamboo?

If you take the time to do some research about strand-woven bamboo, you'll find that it makes an exceptionally-sturdy material for floors. It is so tough that you'd be hard-put to find anything else that could meet its durability in high-traffic areas of your home. Since bamboo plants grow so quickly, there's no danger of the supply of the material becoming depleted. It cleans up so easily that generally all you'll need to do is run over it with a dust mop. When it does need to be cleaned more thoroughly, all it takes is a solution of vinegar and water which means you won't be introducing chemicals into the environment to maintain it. Strand-woven bamboo also has a longer lifespan than regular bamboo flooring, because it is more resistant to moisture.

Other benefits of installing strand-woven bamboo flooring include:
* It's free from allergens.
* It can be sanded down and re-stained just like the more-expensive hardwood flooring.
* It's a money-saver in that it will retain its finish longer than more traditional types of flooring.

What Makes Strand-Woven Bamboo Flooring Last So Long?

To start with, bamboo is a durable, water- and damage-resistant material. By processing it into strand-woven bamboo, both the these qualities are multiplied. Bamboo also has the ability to expand and contract well in heat and cold which helps your flooring stay in top condition for many, many years.

After you install your strand-woven bamboo, it will only take a bit of elbow grease to create truly awesome-looking floors for your home. Another point worth mentioning is that many brands of strand-woven flooring are made without formaldehyde, and that's what you want to look for. Otherwise, if your home doesn't have adequate ventilation, you have the potential for becoming ill over a period of time. However, when your floor is finally finished, you'll be able to relax and be proud of what you've accomplished. The new look will amaze even you.

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Concrete Floor Paint And Vital Preparation

Preparation is important when applying floor paint. You can only expect a surface to stay in place, if its substrate is permanent. If the substrate crumbles or moves, your surface and floor paint will move with it. After 40 years of application practice, flooring experts have developed application preparation procedures that minimize the risk of substrates moving. Floors that are new are especially vulnerable and require extra preparation before painting the floor. While a new concrete floor is dusty for the first couple of years while the latent of concrete on the surface are kicked, walked, or driven off. The latent must be removed before quality topcoats are applied; or the topcoats will move with the latent as they break free from the substrate.

Cleaning first with a high pH or alkaline degreaser attacks oil and grease contaminants while moving the floor pH higher will do wonders for the floor paint finish. And afterwards you put on a low pH acidic cleaner that attacks minerals, rust and other particles. That makes your pH jump 10 points or better to shock contaminants loose from substrates. An acidic cleaner should have detergents, rinse agents and water softeners blended into it so that it is formulated to do the best job possible. It is very important to bring the pH back to normal 6.5 or 7 pH after cleaning, using a scrub rinse.

If you have ever tried to run your fingers across your car after pressure washing it; you know that it still has a thin layer of road film on it. That is because surface tension holds even high pressure from penetrating the road film. You must break the surface tension with contact during all three steps of cleaning. The more aggressive the contact the better for removing concrete latent, small particles of concrete that are ready to break of to become that endless dust coming off unquoted concrete floors.

You should be careful relying on retail store clerks alone, to help you with a floor that will be used for the next 10 to 20 years. Now a day’s factory-direct kit of materials including step-by-step instructions and a 24/7 online help are now on hand. With these resources, you can put quality floor paint down in your garage that will last for many years. Like with a car finish, you may get some scratches and marks, but likewise a car finish, a little touching up can keep the floor paint looking good for many years.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Engineered Hardwood Flooring Can Save Money Without Sacrificing Style

Hardwood floors are a look that never goes out of style. It is something that adds immediate value and class to your home. Of course, this new rich look is going to cost money, but there are ways to trim some of these costs, especially if you are going to do the installation yourself. One such measure is to use engineered hardwood flooring.

If you are thinking that engineered hardwood flooring is the laminated flooring that you sometimes see in restaurants, you are way off base. These are real wood planks that have already been finished and are ready for installation.

Two things that take up a lot of time when you install a floor are the sanding down and the staining and finish application. These are also the two areas that a lot of DIY'ers can make the most mistakes. Avoid wasting time and money by using the engineered hardwood flooring instead of the standard flooring.

Using this product also eliminates the need to hire a professional. If you have ever laid down flooring before, you should have some basic knowledge and can look on the internet for some quick lessons on the best way to lay down hardwood floors. Something else to consider is that you can use the floor right away instead of having to wait days for the finish to properly dry.

If you have an area of the house that you are going to be installing hardwood floors and it is prone to mild exposure to moisture, engineered hardwood flooring is a much better choice than standard hardwood floors. Because of the way it is treated, it is more likely to hold up to these conditions over say a Maple wood floor that you install and finish yourself.

When you are deciding how to install the floor, you can do it normally where the nails will show but be flush to the floor or you can choose to hide them since the floor is already finished and you do not want to risk harming the finish during installation. To do this, you will need to use a technique called blind nailing or even possibly gluing them down. Either way will allow you to keep the pristine look of the wood.

While this product itself will have a higher price tag on it than unfinished product, you need to take the time and error factors into consideration of the pricing. You are saving a ton of time and run no risk of messing up the finish and having to bur more wood or make costly repairs.

As you look at the small mistakes that can cost significant money in replacement or repair, engineered hardwood flooring starts to make more and more sense. Think about a bubble popping up because you didn't stir the solution properly. A small mistake, but it can cost you a lot of money when you do it. If you have little experience in this type of work you are better off playing it safe and using the prepared product to work with.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

How to Find High Grade Flooring Material at Discounted Prices

There are some wonderful ways to find discount flooring material, if you're looking to add a new look to a playroom or spare bedroom. The great thing about finding discounted flooring is that you can actually find high quality grade material if you know who to contact. This article will highlight some possible ways on how you might be able to get a great buy on high-grade flooring material.

Local contractors
The first place to start is with your local phone book. If you browse through the various different carpet installers or contractors in the Yellow Pages - You just may find that they have high-grade overstock flooring material that they have ordered from a previous job that they're willing to sell at a very nice discounted price.

Local retailer
Another great way to find high-grade flooring would be to contact your local flooring retailers and see if they have any closeout items for sale. Sometimes the higher end stuff does not move as quickly so you may be able to find some older stock that they're willing to discount.

Color selection
The main drawback in buying overstock flooring material is that you may not find the exact style that you are looking for. This is probably not the best way to go if you're looking at a main living room. However if you are looking to redo a spare bedroom or playroom, yet would like some high-quality product at a price that may even be better than lower to medium grade material this is a great way to go.

Saturday, 20 June 2009

What Type of Flooring Would Be Perfect For Your Home?

There are many choices when it comes to flooring for your home. You can choose from carpeting, rugs, hardwood floors, laminate, and tile. The style you pick depends largely on your personality and the room it will go in as there are advantages and disadvantages to each.

Carpeting is a great, traditional flooring choice for any home. It's great because it can have a lot of your personality. There's different styles, like shag, and it comes in any color under the sun. Carpet is also soft and inviting, making it wonderful in a bedroom or living room. Carpet, however, can be very difficult to clean and maintain. You'll need to vacuum often and shampoo the carpet when it becomes dirty. Too bad a stain and it may have to be replaced. Carpet obviously is a bad choice for kitchens and bathrooms where water damage and spills will destroy it.

Hardwood floors are all-around a great choice for homes. They're durable, easy to clean and easy to install. They look wonderful in any room. The main disadvantage of hardwood floors can be the price, although it's usually worth it considering the long-lasting quality.

Rugs are a nice way to accent the floors in your home and can be laid down over hardwood, tile or carpet beautifully. Rugs at plenty of personality and can accent a room, adding charm, warmth or sophistication. Rugs also help to cover up damage on the floor underneath, such as stains. They're also fairly affordable.

Laminate floors are becoming very popular and can be ordered to look just like authentic hardwood floors or tile. Laminate floors are affordable, very easy to lay down and can give the look of a more expensive floor. They're also very easy to maintain. The downside of laminate floors is they don't last very long.

Tile floors, lastly, are great in bathrooms because they won't be damaged by water and are easy to mop up.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Eliminate the Challenge of Finding a Flooring Contractor

If you're considering a remodel on your home or office then you may be faced with hiring a flooring contractor in the near future. This article will look at a couple of things that you might want to consider before you go out and get that first set of bids.

The first thing that you want to do when hiring anybody to install flooring in your home or office is to put together a good plan. The more homework that you do before you start calling flooring contractors the better off you're going to be in the long run in getting quality and competitive bids.

If you know what type of flooring material that you want to install in your home or office you're on your way. Now that you know what type of surface you're going to be installing you can get equal bids from each contractor. If you're not sure what type of flooring that you want to install in your home or office you can always visit a local home improvement store and get some great suggestions.

Word-of-mouth is always a great way to find a reputable flooring contractor, however, you want to make sure that the person you're asking for the reference does not have any kind of commissions or anything built into the referral.

Just because your friend or neighbor down the street happened to use one certain person for their last job does not mean they'll be right for you. You also want to check with that contractors other references, as they may be friends or have some sort of connection with that neighbor or friend that they did the job for.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Anderson Flooring Versus Laminate

Hate laminate? You are not alone. So does The Anderson Company. Anderson hates laminate for good reason - it's in the business of producing beautifully polished, hardwearing hardwood floors. Laminates fake the appearance of wood, at the expense of misled consumers who have no idea of the many benefits they are missing out on.

Not Anderson.

The company originally collaborated with the U.S Navy; and it's first innovation was a method for devising plywood so flexible and strong it can be used for boat hulls. After the company came up with parquet blocks that can be fitted over concrete (a feat that was unheard of in the day), it started producing full-length planks that performed just as well as parquet under damp conditions, and are equally durable. From there, the company perfected its construction of engineered floors.

Enter Anderson flooring.

Hardwearing and effortlessly beautiful, Anderson flooring is famous for being produced under one of the tightest quality standards in the industry. Anyone who has ever used the material can easily distinguish it from the other names on the market. Why? Well, the company uses solid oak core, instead of softer woods. And, while solid oak is much more expensive, it's also more durable and is exceptionally harder. The difference pays off because in a Janka Ball Hardness Test, the company's planks beat oak lumber in all meters but one.

So the next time you get any renovation or construction work done, skip laminate. Why fake it when you can easily get the real thing? With Anderson flooring, you get real hard wood that's soft on the pocket.

Considering your Anderson flooring options? Wendy Hubble is an expert on Anderson flooring and a contributing writer of Flooring Central. Check out the website for more info on how you can slash 80% off the price of your discount hardwood floor

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Monday, 15 June 2009

Laminate Wood Floors - Are Laminate Floors a Good Choice?

Laminate wood floors are a better option than hardwood floors as it does not stain, fade and dent with long time use. In addition to this, it is more scratch and water resistant than hardwood. When you select your laminate, be sure to look at the traffic and use of independent regions, as different laminate types may be required.

It is better to use entry level laminate wood flooring for regions with light traffic. This flooring comes with a warranty ranging from 10 to 15 years. However many people expect too much from this flooring, and think that it will perform well under heavy traffic conditions and still look good. On the contrary, entry level floor that is subjected to high traffic tends to show signs of wear and tear within 3 to 5 years of installation.

Laminate wood floors are best on floors with paraffin wax.

Laminate floors have cores of different ranges where the thickest core is very stable, is less vulnerable to buckling and sounds more like hardwood when walked on. Water repellent chemicals are used for treating good quality cores which also helps in resisting swelling due to excessive moisture.

It is better to use laminate wood flooring on floors with paraffin wax impregnated joints. This is because the paraffin wax works like water repellent which prevents topical water spills from penetrating its core.

Though this looks like a good choice for use in bathrooms and kitchens, it is better to check on the warranty of the flooring as some laminates are not suited for use in bathrooms and kitchens. Laminate wood flooring is a great flooring option if you are looking for a rich and natural look at a home friendly price.

If you are thinking about installing hardwood or laminate flooring, be sure to take a look at the tips on installing hardwood floors.

You'll also find some great tips on cleaning hardwood floors.

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Sunday, 14 June 2009

Making Your Flooring Match Your Life

With the myriad of flooring options available, it makes sense that some are more effective than others with certain lifestyle choices. When deciding on a new floor selection, be sure your choice is the perfect match.

Carpet is a relatively inexpensive choice for a basic option and it is a uniform color in most cases that suits just about any home. Carpet does trap dirt, dust and allergens, even with a powerful vacuum, so after a certain amount of time your carpet will need to be replaced. If you are sensitive to dust or have pets, carpet will hold on to dust mites and dog hair making it a challenge. Carpet is insulating, however and soft underfoot making it a good option for homes with children or where you prefer a quiet interior.

Marble and Stone
Marble and stone, such as granite or travertine, are beautiful and speak of wealth and grace. However, they are hard underfoot and very expensive to install. Stone options are beautiful in homes that are open and airy with a modern or classical feel. But homes designed to be comfortable, traditional or casual will likely feel at odds with a stone floor. Families with small children will also have difficulties with a stone or marble floor as it is not ideal for running and playing throughout the house.

Tile is less expensive than stone and is easier to maintain. Not as formal as marble, tile is suitable for any style of home as you have so many different options available in color and styles. Tile is wonderful in homes with pets as hair and dirt are easy to sweep up, but small children might not be able to play as comfortably as you would like and the hardness of the floor underfoot might be a concern if you stand for long periods of time.

Laminate has a similar appearance to hardwood flooring or tile, but is a manufactured product designed for a quick and easy installation and very easy maintenance. Laminate is popular in homes with pets and with children as it scratch resistant and doesn't trap dust and or pet hair and allows for very easy clean-up. For formal homes, the less expensive styles of laminate might not be ideal as they might show up as too informal. The top forms of laminate, however, have an almost indistinguishable wood-like appearance and would be at home in any style of home.

Hardwood floors are made from planks of hard wood which means they are beautiful in any home, but require more upkeep than some of the other flooring options. The wood is prone to scratching and denting, but can be refinished to repair any damage whenever you like. Wooden flooring can be expensive, but it is an option that lasts for centuries and is ideal for virtually any sort of home. Homes with small children and dogs might opt for distressed or especially hardy forms of hardwood, however, to avoid damage from something as simple as dog claw scratches as pets walk around.

The author is a flooring specialist that regularly contributes to a variety of online blogs, corporate websites and home decor magazines. Discover more information about laminate flooring by visiting with additional advice provided on obtaining cheap laminate flooring.

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Thursday, 11 June 2009

Basement Flooring - Save Money With Secondhand Or Abandoned Product

Many people may not be aware that there are tremendous discounts in second hand product or slight defect product that you can use for flooring in such areas as the basement, spare bedrooms, garages or other extra rooms in your home. This article will look at a couple of suggestions you might use for saving money when you take on your next basement flooring project.

By visiting your local mom and pop flooring company in the town that you live in - You may discover that they have lots of over ordered product or product that was refused because it didn't have the right colors or something. This flooring would work perfect for your basement remodeling project.

Left behind or refused flooring, may even be first-rate flooring or high quality that they're willing to sell for a low price, because it is simply stock that they will not be able to sell easily.

Another great resource is to check with local contractors, remodelers or flooring installer's in your home town. They also may be in the same situation where they have ordered product and gone out to install it and may discover that they have measured wrong and have a large supply of material left over. It's a good possibility that this material is already paid for, and so anything that they can sell it for is money back in their pocket.

Another great way to get discounted flooring for your basement flooring project would be to run ads in the paper looking for used or discarded flooring material. Many people that are doing their own projects will have large sections of flooring that really are not too bad, but they simply want to get rid of it because they're adding a new look to the room.

For more information on flooring try visiting, a website that specializes in providing helpful flooring tips, advice and resources to include Basement Flooring and more.

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Monday, 8 June 2009

Anderson Flooring - 5 Tips to Make Yours Last Longer

You know your Anderson floor can easily outlive you, but what would it hurt to give it a little tender loving care every now and then? Why not give it a longer lease on life? When you do, you can reduce the rate at which floors naturally begin to show their age.

Below are some tips that will help you preserve the beauty of your Anderson flooring. They're easy to do, and won't take more than 5 to 10 minutes of your time.

1. Remove spills straightaway. Use a soft material to wipe it off.

2. Never damp-mop or wet-mop your floor. This will damage the flooring and void warranties. You don't want that to happen, do you?

3. Avoid liquid or paste wax, oil soaps, and household cleaners that contain lemon oil, silicon, ammonia, or tung oil. These ingredients will have a negative effect your floor's ability torecoat.

4. Put protective pads under furniture legs, especially heavy ones. This will reduce the dents and scratches furniture usually makes on floors.

5. Position rugs on pivot points and high-traffic sections of the house, and be ready to rearrange these rugs every so often. This will help ensure your floors age evenly.

Remember, you have wood for a floor. Wood ages, so help yours age with grace. Anderson flooring is durable, beautiful, and strong. But if you put it through so much use and abuse, it may not last as long as expected. Give your floor some tender loving care, using the tips I've shared above. You won't regret it, especially when you see the results on your flooring.

Considering your Anderson flooring options? Wendy Hubble is an expert on Anderson flooring and a contributing writer of Flooring Central. Check out the website for more info on how you can slash 80% off the price of your discount hardwood floor!

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Saturday, 6 June 2009

Mezzanine Floors - The Different Kinds

Mezzanine floors - also known as - an intermediate floor that is placed between the main floor of an establishment and the other levels. It is not actually counted to be a floor - but more of a low ceiling that projects from a part of the construction. Numerous of the more average forms of mezzanine floors are balconies in older theaters and church buildings.

There are numerous various forms of mezzanine floors that are produced from materials such as structural steel, stainless steel, and cold rolled steel. These materials will determine how and where the floors will be utilised and built and the amount you will need to pay for them.

The structural steel floors are suited for column spacing. They are produced with an open web bar joist that makes it easy to extend electrical conduits and water pipes through it. It will likewise offer you much more space to work making it a simple job and one that will not take long to build.

If you want to utilize something that is cheaper to make then it would be better to employ the structural steel. The only problem with this material is that it is much heavier then the others - which makes it a much larger floor and it has an increased measure of dead load when compared to the other floor types. Only distinct types of buildings are able to handle this floor.

The cold rolled steel are made utilising sheet metal - which makes them much lighter then the structural steel. It has a nice simple finish that gives it a nice visual aspect and best to utilize in a more public building. Though they might be lightweight they do have the ability to handle vastly heavy loads though it does have specified column spacing.

Stainless steel is one of the most costly types of mezzanine floors that you have the power to buy and only has a little quantity of column spacing to it. It is for the most part utilized in a plant that is used for food processing and for individuals who need a large measure of space to work.

Learn what Mezzanine Floors Are and the various Mezzanine Floor Accessories that you can purchase to complete them.

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Thursday, 4 June 2009

How to Select the Best Bathroom Flooring For Your Home

Bathroom flooring is one of the essential elements of a renovation project. When choosing the type of flooring to use, it's important to consider the pros and cons of each type, in relation to your other bathroom remodel ideas. The following tips will help offer some insight into the advantages and disadvantages of the different bathroom flooring options available.

  • Tile-Bathroom tile is the most popular and, probably, the most practical choice available. Tile is durable, moisture resistant, and available at some very economical prices. There are also wide varieties of colors, borders, trim pieces, and mosaic accents to choose from. Going with tile, however, is not the end of the decision process. There are several different types, shapes and sizes. You must make the choice between clay, porcelain, or stone and decide on the best size, such as; 2x2, 4x4, 12x12, or larger. As you can see; there are options available to fit any need or d├ęcor.
  • Wood-Whether or not to use wood flooring in a bathroom is a decision that should be given careful consideration. While it is beautiful and can be durable and long lasting; excessive and extended exposure to moisture can be harmful. Before making this choice; evaluate the pros and cons of each choice in relation to your situation. Solid hardwoods, while beautiful and extremely durable in other parts of the home; are more susceptible to the effects of water than other types of wood. If you choose this option; make sure the floor is properly installed, leaving no gaps or cracks for water to penetrate, control moisture with the use of bath mats, and protect the surface with more frequent coats of polyurethane finishing. If you choose to go with a laminate; use a top grade with a protective top layer and avoid excessive or standing water, which will destroy the bottom layer. Engineered wood, which consists of a top layer of real wood over a plywood base, is the most durable and best option if you decide to use wood in your bath.
  • Vinyl-Sheet vinyl or tiles (VCT) may be the best option available when it comes to bathroom flooring. While being extremely durable and moisture resistant, it's also available in a wide variety of colors and patterns and is extremely economical. The main drawback for most homeowners is they believe it looks cheap. However, in recent years, manufacturers have introduced some very attractive products that make it worth giving vinyl a second look.
  • Carpet-Most everyone in the flooring or building industries (myself included) will advise you to stay away from carpet in the bathroom. The combination of fabric and water is a recipe for disaster. If, however, you've made up your mind to use it; there are some advantages. Many people like it for the warmth and comfort on the feet, the relatively low cost, and the ease of replacement. If you decide to go this route; use a 100% olefin, indoor outdoor for the best resistance to moisture and use bath mats or rugs to control water exposure.

For more help with bathroom remodeling ideas; go to

Install a beautiful, professional looking tile floor in your bath. For more information; go to

Glenn Whitehead is a former general contractor with over 25 years experience in the construction industry in Houston, TX. He is currently the webmaster of, a do it yourself home repair and improvement site with how to articles, tips for finding contractors, and help preparing contract documents

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Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Concrete Flooring Can Be an Inexpensive Option

When one thinks about concrete flooring, the immediate thought that comes to mind is something that is not so good-looking or clean. The immediate thought of a grey colored flooring does not really appealed to the human mind as a choice for regular flooring in their residences. However, once printed right, these type of flooring can be a very good option be it commercial or for residences. After giving the proper treatment. One can actually make the concrete floor look like marble, and also get that fine polish that is usually seen on a marble flooring. There is also the option of painting the concrete flooring, which is not available on other types of flooring. If this method is applied, then the cost of construction would come down to a fraction of any other type of flooring available.

There are many new stains available in the market that can be mixed with the concrete mixture to get different types of colors, shades, textures and designs. These stains are available on the basis of different themes as well. In the living room and these themes are pretty handy and can be used to get the likely effect that is made available using other types of flooring. The difference can be very negligible and visitors can often mistake the concrete to a marble flooring if they are not informed about it. All that matters is for individuals to go ahead and first select the team and then get the right stains for their concrete flooring project.

In terms of strength and durability, concrete flooring is one of the toughest that is available in the market. These flooring will last for a long time and does not require a lot of maintenance and can sustain a wear and tear for longer duration of time. Due to this factor, they need not be replaced, or modified for at least 10 to 15 years once they are done. This is the biggest advantage of such flooring. Moreover, it is an inexpensive solution that is available to the common man in terms of flooring options. On the other hand, the environment also says healthy when one uses such flooring in their residences. This can be compared to a carpeted flooring, which requires continuous dusting and vacuum cleaning. These are additional costs that are associated with a carpeted flooring. However, this is not the case with concrete flooring. Such kind of flooring can be easily dusted mopped, cleaned and wiped in little or no time at all. The instances of germs settling down on flooring are minimal. These can be cleaned instantly as well, when compared to the other types of flooring.

In terms of the color combination s available, concrete can be easily stained a bit different colors and beautiful textures that are available in the market. As it that resembles marble stone after the final polishing is done. This is a very good choice for those who want a different material or a different look at an affordable cost. When done properly concrete flooring can provide different textures and shades and have their spectacular effect in the living room, or any other surface that it is used for. This is the duty of concrete flooring, however. Not many people have realized this aspect and that is the main reason why these kind of flooring is not a popular choice yet. However, it is already popular for garage flooring.

Adam Peters is a syndicated columnist on different resources. Read at more articles about garage flooring.

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