Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Natural Stone Flooring: Longevity And Durability At Its Best

Whether it is remodeling an existing home décor or furnishing a completely new home, whatever you do, you need to ensure sustenance of long lasting finish to every aspect of your home. It is an investment of a lifetime and if you plan to design it for generations to come you must make sure that you use state-of-the-art materials with excellent shelf-life. Flooring is one such aspect of home improvement that needs to be given a lot of significance since it is that part of the house that faces a lot of foot traffic along with other things that needs moving around. Flooring issues, if neglected, may cost a lot in the form of undue damages and expensive repairs. It is thus imperative to choose a type of flooring that can sustain all the rough-usage and yet look elegant and posh for years to come. This can be attained by the use of natural stone flooring.

Natural stone flooring is not new a concept to floorings of homes and places of business or even places of worship. The practice of using natural stone flooring traces many centuries back, only now technologies used to carve and polish these stones have evolved. Scientists have strived to come up with inexpensive versions of fake stone tiles but to no avail. Natural stone still constitutes the exquisite floors of some modern décor’s enhancing the overall interiors manifold. Among the natural stone floorings the ones that are much common are marble, granite, slate, limestone and travertine. Travertine and limestone are examples of sedimentary stone, granite is an example of igneous stone and slate and marble like stones fall into the metamorphic stone category.

Granite is a commonly used rather expensive form of flooring natural stone tile that is consists of quartz, orthoclase or microcline and mica that are also used in monuments and possess sovereign handsomeness and glamour. Similarly, marble and slate floor tiles trace back to the ages of palaces and castles that were endowed with the glorious polished surfaces of these exquisite pieces of rock. They get better with age if correctly maintained. There are a range of marble stones in breathtaking colors and textures. It has varied uses other than those in flooring as well. Marble used sculptures are also ravishingly beautiful. These natural stone floor tiles are best for homes that are situated in places featuring a tropical climate, since they tend to stay low in temperature and improve the interior temperature as well.

Unlike other flooring tiles maintenance of natural stone tiles are comparatively easier and there are not many factors that might possibly cause any form of deformity except for certain chemicals. Stains are also easily removed from these floors with the use of the appropriate solvents.

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Thursday, 23 December 2010

Wood Flooring Is Eternal Says Designers

Homeowners should consider wood flooring ahead of any other options, a group of Canadian designers has said.

Speaking to the Canadian Press, Genevieve Gorder, Candice Olsen and Vern Yip, who judge the work of new designers each week on HGTV's "Design Star," all said wooden floors are their preferred material, with Gorder describing it as "the one medium that is eternal."

"It's been in interiors since the beginning of time and it's sitting in our front yards," she said. "There's nothing else like it."

Despite this timelessness, all three added that wooden flooring was at the very forefront of good interior design.

“Wood is both natural and trend-proof,” Olson said, and can bring a much-needed warmth and timelessness to modern rooms. “Even people who love modern style, she said, “don't want a home where everything looks like George Jetson lives there."

When given the choice between real wood and a laminate flooring, each designer said they preferred the genuine article, with the overall consensus that “nothing quite replaces a true wood floor.”

Interestingly though, it's not just wood flooring that's been getting fresh attention recently, but wood finish as a whole. According to Yip, it makes a great material to cover walls and ceilings, while old wooden platforms can also be hung up as art.

"Any time you have an entire wall of one material, wood or something else, it's so striking," he said.

This new attitude to wood is far from unique. Earlier this year The Guardian’s Huma Quereshi said that while the overriding style of the last decade was a timeless mix of “whitewashed brick walls teamed with wooden floors,” interiors styles are growing “more individual and less prescriptive.”

And as hardwood flooring is so perfect for those who like to redesign, refresh or just experiment – it can be retreated with a new finish up to five times – it should be no real surprise that it's such a popular material.

According to The Times' Gwenda Brophy, it's our attitude to how wood can be used here the UK that's changed. Gone, she says, is the “spirit-sapping pine panelling” of yesterday, and in its place a more imaginative – and very grown-up – approach in a number of contemporary homes. And that can only be good news.

To read more about the different types of wood flooring available in the UK, visit Timberland Flooring, where there are a wide range of stunning wooden flooring options available for you to choose from.

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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Karndean Flooring Can Be Great If You Want A Stunning Look

If you have decided that you want to install a new surface for the floors in your home then you have got quite a variety of choices to select from. Whether you are going to lay a comfy new carpet in some areas or wooden flooring in others, the decision you make is going to be in your home for a lengthy period afterwards so you need to think carefully about it. A possible alternative to both carpet and wooden floor surfaces is Karndean flooring, this can give a stunning look to your Sutton Coldfield home and should definitely be considered. We have provided a brief outline of what this type of flooring is and some of the main benefits of getting it installed below.

Karndean International are the manufacturers of these surfaces and they have been operating for more than thirty years. The floors that they provide are made using high quality vinyl materials and are suited for both business and residential property. Due to the fact that they are made from vinyl, they can be manufactured so that they replicate the appearance of a wide range of other materials. Some of the possible options you could choose are floors that have similar appearance to marble, stone or maybe a wooden effect. Whatever variety you decide to go for you will more than likely end up paying a lot less than you would if you installed a proper wooden or marble floor.

One of the major advantages that can come about as a result of having a vinyl surface is that they are generally more hardwearing than some other types of floor. This means that they will ultimately retain their original quality and appearance for a much longer period of time so you get even more value for money. If you are looking to lay a new floor surface in your kitchen or bathroom then choosing this can be a very good option as a vinyl floor can cope much better in moisture rich atmospheres than a wooden floor or carpet.

Karndean flooring is definitely worth taking into consideration when you are looking to lay any new surfaces in your Sutton Coldfield home or workplace. With the variety of styles that are on offer you will more than likely be able to find something that will suit your personal preference and you will certainly get a quality end product whatever variety you go for.

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Monday, 6 December 2010

A Sneak Peak at 2011 Hardwood Flooring Trends

As 2010 winds down, homeowners are allocating budget for home decorating in the upcoming calendar year, and that means expects are already giving their two cents on trends to look out for.

Many experts in home docor say that paint will play a big role in home decorating, with the biggest change happening in how we define a "neutral" color palette. Previously, light browns and beige hues were thought to be the only neutral colors on the color wheel. Now decorators say that colors like mint green, light lavender, light yellow, and even peach are making their way into the "neutral zone."

You can find the mint greens and light lavenders anywhere from kitchen walls to living room furniture. The key is to pair these light colors with a darker, more traditional hardwood floor.

Oak hardwood floors will continue to be all the rage because they are seen as timeless and can be molded to work with a variety of design schemes. Homeowners can install an oak hardwood floor and five years down the road, redecorate their homes without needed to touch the wood.

As for the color of floors, stick to a color like Bruce Hardwood's Saddle Summit or Bruce's Vintage Brown Liberty. For dark oak flooring, go for Mullican's Oak Dark Chocolate, which works exceptionally well with not just light colors, but also bright coral or red-colored walls.

Bright colors are another trend for 2011. With the economy still suffering, people are relying on youthful, bright colors to cheer up their homes, and their moods. Experts say intense turquoise and vivid greens can play up a dull and dreary looking room. The key is to keep it simple and use neutral colors to balance these bright hues out. White furniture and curtains would certainly do the trick.

When it comes to the hardwood finishes of the season, let the design of the room dictate the direction you're going in. If you are thinking modern, then a satiny finish will be perfect. If you want to go classic or vintage, then you should look into handscraped.

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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

The Best of Elegance and Safety - Get the Most Stylish Safety Floor

A safety floor, simply speaking, is one which is designed in such a way that anyone who walks on it wearing any kind of footwear can never slip and fall down. Safety flooring is one of the main norms of construction these days, and is a huge requirement for most commercial buildings. In a world where getting even a couple of stitches from a doctor costs a fortune, it is not surprising to see that people try to sue the owners of buildings or their building construction companies if they slip and fall.

Smooth and shiny floors may have the essence of class, but they are not always the safest bet. The best are those that are able to suggest extreme sophistication, and at the same time, are able to provide people with the right amount of friction as well. At the same time, they should be easy to maintain and clean. When you have them in place, you will be ensuring that the future costs of possible lawsuits, maintenance and renovation are reduced to a very large extent.

The magic of Karndean

It appears that we are asking for too much. But with flooring companies like Karndean flooring, this dream has now become a reality. This company has won several awards for its expertise in flooring innovations. It has been able to use superior technologies to manufacture world- class tiles and laminates, giving the look and feel of natural materials like wood, timber and even cane.

At the same time, they can be used even in areas where it would be otherwise impossible to use these natural materials. Thus, if you want to have one that resembles the sands of Arabia, or have the dark mystique of oak wood in your bathroom, it is possible with the help of products from this flooring company.

The charm of Amitico

Amtico flooring is yet another of the hottest flooring contractors available today. This British company has now been able to achieve 15 years of excellence through its dedication to providing people with some of the best quality materials and designs for flooring. The contractor has gained a huge reputation for providing some of the funkiest designs.

It also provides some of the most graceful and classic styles for all kinds of structures - both residential and commercial. If you want your home or commercial complex to have the look and feel of a place where people have never been before, then you must choose this floor company. These floor contractors will be able to give you some of the safest floors, with the most innovative designs and which are cost- efficient in terms of maintenance at the same time.

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Sunday, 28 November 2010

Vinyl Floor Tiles - Perfect Choice For Flooring

It is among the best options to enhance the interior décor of your home. it has significant features that make it a top priority among interior designers. The beauty of your home depends partially on the type of floorings that you choose to install. So it is important to choose stylish, durable and affordable floorings to embellish your home.

Reasons Why Vinyl Floor Tiles are Preferred

There are endless benefits or advantages of using vinyl floor tiles in your home. Some of the most important benefits include:

Easy installation: It is very easy to install unlike the other flooring materials. Similar to stone flooring in appearance, it can be installed by anyone. Moreover, it can be easily cut into any shapes and designs which make it even more versatile and popular.

Highly resistant: It is known for their high resistance to pressure and traffic. It can be installed in kitchens and bathrooms too because it is stain resistant and does not react with acid or alkaline.

Durability: Long lasting and tensile are the two most important qualities attributed to these floor tiles. Most often we seldom tend to change our floorings so it is important to use long lasting floor tiles which can endure spills and pets too.

Easy to clean: It is quite easy to clean and maintain. As it does not absorb liquids or cause any sort of stains, it can be installed in kitchens too. It can be maintained cleanly by just mopping it with soap and water.

Innumerable designs and shapes: It is perhaps the only kind that can be cut into various shapes and designs to create beautiful floors.

Cost effective: Compared to ceramic tiles and other flooring options like wood, marble and granite, it is cheaper and an excellent alternative to expensive floor tiles. These tiles appear similar to ceramic and wooden floorings but are relatively cheaper in cost. Does not produce sound: Another notable advantage of these floor tiles is that it can suppress sounds and does not create echoes while walking.

Buying Vinyl Floor Tiles Online

An interesting variety of these tiles can be bought from manufacturers listed in the online directories. There are numerous online stores that offer a diverse range of designs of flooring tiles at different prices. You can easily choose type of flooring you require for your home.

It can actually be divided into two, mainly-the VCT or the Vinyl Composite Tile and the Solid Vinyl. The VCT contains fillers and additives whereas the Solid vinyl contains a pure form of vinyl without any additives.

With their infinite qualities, It is much in demand in the markets today. You can find endless designs, colors and shapes of these to amplify the beauty of your rooms. Though the branded floor tiles are quite expensive there are many other varieties which are equally superior in quality.

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Tips to Replace Damaged Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile becomes the best choice for flooring as it gives a good look for houses. However, it would not be so good when it is damaged. Get it repaired immediately before it is getting worse. Or, you may repair it by yourself since it is not that difficult as people may think. Hence, we have some tips for you.

Firstly, you should go to a local flooring supply center. Or, you may visit a home improvement center to get a new tile to replace the old one which has already been damaged. To make it easier, you had better bring the sample of tile you want to buy from the damaged one in your house. Other things that you should buy are grout mix and adhesive.

When you have got home with new ceramic tile, you mat start repairing. Using an edge tool, like chisel or awl, remove the old plaster of the damaged tile. Keep a careful action so that you would not damage the surrounding tiles. Then you can break off the old tile with the awl and a hammer. Remove the old plaster and adhesive to clean the subsurface. Make it smooth so that the new tile can last longer on the floor.

Check the condition of the floor. Ensure that the area of the floor where you want to put the new tile is sound. Test the structure by knocking the tile. If you hear any creaks beneath the tile it means that the area of the floor is not good enough that it may make the tile difficult to stick firmly with the floor. You can fix the creaks by using extra screws or nails through the sheeting into the floor joists underneath.

Next thing you should do is to apply the adhesive to the back of the new tile. After that, you can apply the new tile into the areas. Make sure that you press it strongly and let it dry. When it gets dry you can plaster over the new tile. Wait for 15 minutes to let the plaster set. Clean the excess plaster by wiping it off with some sponge or cloth. Now the last thing you have to do is to wait for 24 hours until the tile dry.

See, it is not that difficult to repair damaged ceramic tile floor, is it? Now you had better do those tips and get comfortable floor.

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Saturday, 13 November 2010

7 Eco-Flooring Facts You Need to Know

You can find many large home improvement stores slapping an eco-friendly sticker on a wide array of flooring products. Are these labels legit? Are these flooring options really eco-friendly? What is the best choice for your home? What the heck is eco-flooring anyway?

The following is 7 Things about eco-flooring you need to know before you buy.

  1. Eco-flooring is good for your home and your health, not just the earth. The days of picking out a chemically filled carpet, tile, or treated hardwood floor are getting passé, and fast. Sure those options remain. But, many people agree; Eco-flooring isn't just the newest thing, in many respects, it's the greatest. Innovations in manufacturing, design, and materials have led to a more unique blend of choices that look great and are also eco-friendly.
  2. Eco-flooring is a phenomenal value. Thanks to these looks, features, and new innovations, one could argue that in just a few years, eco-friendly flooring might be the preferred choice in the majority of homes. With sustainability and the environment becoming not just hot political topics, but an important part of the decision-making process for millions of people, eco-flooring products are not going away. Due to rising competition in this fast growing market, prices are not as out of control as you might expect.
  3. Look before you leap. Don't be fooled by pretty pictures in the catalogue, or even seeing a single plank at Lowe's or Home Depot. Remember, the tech gods created photo editing software for a good reason, to cover flaws, drawbacks, and the truth. Even that single plank at the lumber store doesn't take into consideration what a completed floor will look like. Take some time to go on home improvement websites. Ask the salesperson, "What can I expect this floor to look like in 3, 5, 10 years?" Or, I have dogs, cats, and pet pigs...can this floor handle pets?" The answer to those questions should impact your overall decision.
  4. Don't forget maintenance! Imagine how nice it will be to finally own a green floor. Then imagine how you'll feel a year later when you're, once again, getting ready to maintain it. A good floor should be seen and not constantly serviced. Here's some things to look out for... Cork flooring is known for its sensitivity to light. It can also be permanently damaged by heavy objects. So, if you have dogs, cats, or are the type of person who moves around their furniture a lot, be wary. That's just one example. Bamboo flooring, while renowned for being eco-friendly offers a pretty mundane look. Also, because bamboo usually isn't allowed to mature fully before it's made into flooring; don't be surprised if it ends up cracking or not holding up well after a few years of use. Search for complaints, reviews, and problems of both bamboo and cork flooring to learn more about the drawbacks before you fall for the pretty pictures or buy strictly because of the eco-flooring label. If you find that you can live with and/or deal with the cons and want to strictly consider the pros of these flooring options, then you will have made an educated decision worth sticking by...which leads to...
  5. Search for the Good and most definitely, the Bad. You can't ignore facts. While bamboo, cork, and hardwood flooring are renewable resources, they have their drawbacks. These drawbacks can sometimes outweigh the fact that they might be eco-friendly. For instance, bamboo might be cheap and readily available, but the great percentage of bamboo has been made with formaldehyde filled glues. If you're not familiar with this poison, governments across the world caution against its use due to scientific studies that link its use to various cancers that affect the respiratory system. As already discussed cork has maintenance issues, but nothing compared to bamboo. As for regular hardwood flooring, while the look is varied and natural, hardwood has been known to cup, crown, and have limited install options. These factors can make people turn away from them, but if you read on, you'll find out that there is hardwood flooring that doesn't have these problems.
  6. Don't underestimate hardwood. People who make up their minds about hardwood flooring are looking in the past. There is a huge international push for sustainable practice that produce hardwood flooring that is truly eco-friendly. There is flooring that has come from managed forests as well as innovative eco-flooring like Staybull Flooring that uses reclaimed strips of hardwood. These strips are then, using formaldehyde free glues and a proven green floor finish, made to produce a green floor that is actually stronger than hardwood, bamboo, and definitely cork. Miraculously, these floors also resist cupping, cracking, and warping. This brand of eco-flooring is basically manufactured like bamboo, but without the bad chemicals, and offers greater variety of looks to match your unique taste. As you can see, with innovations like that, you can't overlook hardwood when it comes to eco-friendly flooring.
  7. Never settle. Don't ever let anyone or any sales person pressure or guilt you into buy any one brand or type of eco-flooring option. It's your home. While not belittling the environmental aspect of this sector of the flooring industry, it's still YOUR money. And, YOU are the only one who has to live with your new floor. Let's face it, you don't want to buy a floor you'll end up regretting. Sure, you'll always be able to tell guests and neighbors that your floor is environmentally friendly. But, deep inside, if you hate your floor because it doesn't fit your lifestyle, then what good is it really?

When it comes to may eco-flooring options, the more research you do, the better you will feel about the choice you make.

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Sunday, 7 November 2010

Install a New Tile Floor Over Your Old One

One of the biggest objections many homeowners have about installing a new tile floor in their homes is the mess that tearing out the old floors cause. If the thought of ripping up your old floor is giving you nightmares and is what is preventing you from installing a new tile floor, a new Italian tile-Kerlite-may be the solution you have been seeking. Kerlite is a very thin tile created to install over the top of the old tile floor.

Numerous Benefits

This revolutionary tile brings several benefits to the table when considering installing a new tile floor. Since it omits the need to rip out your old floor, it alleviates your home from turning into a construction zone as far as the dusty mess that ripping up an old floor can bring. Because the tile is installed over your old floor, it also makes installing the new floor faster and easier, which means less down time or off limits areas in your home. It can also save you the cost of having to have your tile installers tear out and remove the old tile and the debris.

In addition, the thinness of the tile does not have an adverse effect on the height of your floor. The tile was intentionally created to be thin, yet durable, so that when it is installed over old tile, there is not a noticeable difference when looking at or walking on the floor. Finally, the cost for installing this tile runs about the same as any other tile, so there is no added cost for installing the new floor on top of the old one.

One Drawback

The only aspect of the tile that may cause you to pause is the price. Each tile is more expensive than traditional tile, but the money you save on tear out, and the hassle and mess you avoid may be worth the added expense. It may also be worth finally being able to walk on the new floor of your dreams.

Versatile Flooring Inc. brings over 30 years of combined experience in providing quality floor installation and kitchen and bathroom remodeling to South Florida. We are dedicated to providing skilled work and superior customer service to each client we have the privilege of serving. Your house is your home and we enjoy creating floors, kitchens and bathrooms you're proud to share with your friends and family.

Versatile Flooring Inc. is the exclusive installation company for National Ceramics.

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Monday, 7 June 2010

Harmonics Flooring - Reasons They Could Be the Obvious Choice

Putting up a new construction is a true challenge when it comes to selecting the right materials for the structure. Various aspects like the costs, designs and variety crowd our mind and making decisions at each stage becomes a rueful experience.

If you are at the stage of deciding on the flooring, one obvious choice you could make is that of Harmonics flooring that comes with the following advantages:


Fitting the entire construction cost within a certain budget is always a dominant thought in the mind. The financial burden of overshooting a budget is many and has a long term impact on our lives. So, affordability is one main criterion that makes Harmonics flooring appealing to many.


If you are thinking that keeping affordability as the main point, you are limiting yourself to a solution that could prove costly at a later stage, you are absolutely wrong. Harmonics flooring comes with 35 years of guarantee. They are treated well and are resistant to stains and any other damages. All you have to do from your end is ensuring that you have the receipts kept handy just in case you hit a problem within the warranty period.

Limited, but Impressive Designs

One major factor that leads us to delay in our decision is the wide variety. The greater the variety, the greater will be the need to spend time to take in all suggestions and weigh the pros and cons. With this kind of flooring, the collection may be limited compared to the others, but the collection is so impressive that you will have no reasons to crib. Your decision making procedure stands simplified and you also will get the best.


The choice of materials depends to a great extent on the look and feel you want to give each room in your building. While some prefer a rustic look, some may want the modern look, yet others might choose the contemporary look. Whatever be your choice, Harmonics flooring is so versatile that it will blend with any look and simply enhance the effect effortlessly.

These easy to install floorings can be worked on by you instead of heading out to search for professionals to do the job for you. This makes you less dependent on others and you can also save in terms of costs.

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Friday, 4 June 2010

Beat the Winter Chill With Electric Floor Heating

Radiant heating has become very popular in the recent years over other traditional methods of heating like baseboard heating, forced-air heating etc. And among its many forms, electric heating is the most preferred option whether it's under floor heating or above floor. And why not, it is the most effective form that you can get maximum results with the bare minimal energy losses. This is great in terms of money saving, as well as beneficial for the environment in general. It is also good news to people with heat allergy symptoms, as in this form of heating no air escapes through the ducts.

Electric floor heating can be carried out in many ways viz; by using electric radiant and also by using radiant floor wires or mats. The advantage of using electric heating is that it offer comfort in the heating of the home by providing true radiant heat and not just heating the air that surrounds them.

Electric floor heating are great options while undergoing new construction or remodeling and in projects of any size. This type of heating proves very profitable in areas with low electricity prices.

What exactly are Electric radiant floor? Well, they are nothing but a method of heating where electric cables are built into the floor. And the heat thus generated exudes warmth in the room, or desired area.

The other Underfloor heating or radiant floor option apart from electric heating is the hydronic radiant floors that use water. The process involves allowing hot water to pass through the PEX tubing which gradually warms the room.

Logging online to avail the best radiant floor services is a smart idea. And the reasons are many: you can find the one that apply specifically to your home or office. You can also avail premium discounts, as most of the websites offering electric floor heating services have this option for their online clients.

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