Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Bathroom Floor Tiles - Best Flooring Material For Your Washroom

Ceramic bathroom floor tiles are simply the best because they are durable, beautiful and available at cost effective prices. Price is a big concern for everyone whether he is an average working professional or a businessman. A majority of homeowners choose affordable ceramic slabs and you will be amazed to know that these slabs are also preferred by eminent architects and seasoned home interior designers. These slabs are convenient to install as they set decently on every kind of surface. The good thing about these slabs is that they are highly resilient towards moisture and they can also withstand mild chemicals available in detergents, shampoos and hair colors.

Ideal bathroom floor tiles are ones that are anti-slippery. Ceramic slabs are anti-slippery and one will be amazed to know that these pieces remain anti-slippery even after coming into contact with water and soap. There is no harm in walking over wet ceramic slabs. If there are children and old members in your family then you should be careful when selecting bathroom flooring material. Children and old people can't balance their body on a slippery surface. Families with kids should choose ceramic slabs for their wash rooms because these slabs are anti-slippery.

If you want to give your bathroom the look and feel of a royal bath then consider remodeling you shower room with designer travertine or granite slabs. Travertine bathroom floor tiles are just perfect for every setting. Travertine is a natural stone that is found near hot springs. It is lightweight and beautiful. The great thing about travertine is that it comes in natural colors and you can't two similar stones. Travertine flooring material is expensive than ceramic but you can buy this material at cost effective prices on leading online stone and tiles stores. Granite is also a good choice, if you are willing to spend some extra dollars in your home renovation.

Prior to installing bathroom floor tiles, you should get your plumbing pipes checked for any fault or leakage because a leaking joint or a broken pipe can render all your renovation work redundant. When installing slabs, make sure that are properly grouted and all the gaps between the slabs are filled. It will be much better if you could seal the bathroom slabs. Sealing will provide added protection to the slabs from water and moisture. Or you can choose polished slabs. Polished pieces don't require sealing.