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How to Protect Floor Tiles

Taking cues from experts and watching videos on how to install floor tiles will help you get that perfect floor you always wanted. If you follow the steps for laying floor tiles correctly, the job will be finished in no time and before you know you will have a brand new floor.

Now once you have laid the floor tiles and your floor looks stunning, you would probably want to maintain that for long. Although you cannot possibly avoid the wear and tear that comes with time, there are ways to ensure that your tiled floor lasts for long in good condition. We will now see some tips on how to protect floor tiles.

  • Before installing floor tiles make sure that you have stored the tiles in a safe location. While installing the floor tiles be careful handling the tiles. If dropped, the tiles may break.
  • Use a sub floor while laying the floor tiles. A sub floor will prevent the tiles from cracking or loosening. It will also ensure that you do not get weeping tile problem as it locks moisture away. In long run a sub floor helps your floor last better.
  • You can use grout protection coating to protect the grout from discolouration and make it easier to clean.
  • You can choose to apply a protective coating on your floor to protect it. However if such a coat is used remember to maintain it properly or else it may wear off at heavy traffic areas and would eventually look very odd. Remember to weigh the pros and cons of using a protective coating as often maintaining the coating may end up costing you more.
  • Clean your floor tiles regularly using a non-alkaline and non-acidic environment friendly cleaner. Use a damp mop or a sponge to clean the floor. Remember to check that the cleaner you are using is suitable for your floor tile. Avoid using soap or vinegar to clean your ceramic floor as it may lessen the shine.
  • Floor tiles are breakable and a cracked tile in the middle of your floor can never be appealing! So avoid using heavy machinery on your tiled floor and take care that you do not drop anything heavy on your floor.

These easy to follow steps can come handy in having a long lasting tile floor. So even though your job ends after installing the tiles, if you want your floor to remind you of the hard work that you had put in while installing the floor tiles, for years to come, you may want to take that extra little step in protecting your floor as well.

Doing it yourself and taking up a home project of renovating your floor and installing floor tiles is a very enriching experience in itself. The effort that you would put in preparing the layout of the design of your floor, then carrying out a dry run, laying down the adhesive, placing the tiles and finally applying the grout to create the floor would only be enhanced if it is maintained and protected well.

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5 Quick Mopping Tips

Mopping may not be the most fun job in the world but nothing can make as big of a difference in your home as a nice clean floor. A shining floor expresses the message that your house is clean. If you want a cleaner home or just want to get done with mopping quicker, read these 5 quick mopping tips.

1. Flip your mop over often to expose a clean side. If you use only one side you will have to rinse it more, wasting time.

2. Before you mop your floor be sure to vacuum or sweep it first. Remove soil when it is dry before it turns into sticky mud.

3. Use the correct amount of floor cleaner. If you try to be cheapo and use too little it will not work as quickly. if you use too much you will leave a residue on the floor making it get dirty quicker.

4. Make at least two passes over each area. On your first pass you will wet the floor with cleaner. Give the cleaner time to work and then remove the soil on your second pass.

5. Rinse your mop often to keep from spreading dirt around. If your floor is very soiled you may need to dump your mop water one or two times.

These 5 little things should help you greatly improve the cleanliness of your floor and will help you get the job done quicker so that you can enjoy your home.

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Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Think About Installing A Pergo Floor

If you are thinking about installing Pergo flooring, pay attention to these handy tips. Pergo is a laminated flooring that is installed over an underfloor by a unique system of tongue and groove fitting. There are many reputable floor installers who can install Pergo floors, and the retailer where you purchase you Pergo flooring can advise you of one, but Pergo can be installed by the homeowner fairly easily. Pergo is a complete flooring system, and you can get all of the necessary material to install your Pergo floor at your flooring retailer. These include:

Pergo glue-you must use Pergo glue to keep your warranty valid

Pergo installation kit-this will give you the proper spacers and tapping block for tight joints

Pull bar-to get a tight fit in hard to reach areas

Underlayment-to even out unevenness in the underfloor, and to give heat and sound insulation qualities to the floor

Floor clamps-make installation easier and give additional strength to the floor

Pergo sealant-to seal the gap between the floor and the wall, which will allow maximum resistance to moisture

Pergo putty-mends damage to the flooring

Installation straps-makes the installation simpler

Before you install a Pergo floor, you must be aware of certain facts. Pergo is only intended for indoor flooring use, not outdoor. It must be installed as a floating floor, and not secured in any way to the under flooring. It is critical that a small amount of clearance is left around the perimeter to allow for expansion or contraction of the floor.

Floor movement will be determined by a number of factors, including proximity to walls, staircases, pipes and other fixed objects, changes in moisture and temperature, house settling, etc. In a normal situation, the clearance should be 1/4 inch. This allowance is most critical in corners, angles or door or other openings.

The Pergo flooring should be allowed to sit for at least 48 hours in the area it will be installed, to allow for the material to acclimate to the ambient conditions. If your climate is extremely dry or extremely humid, you should allow an additional 48 hours for this acclimation. During the installation, the installation site should be kept at a relative humidity of 30-90%. A stable temperature is important, and should be within 15 degrees of the normal temperature of the home.

Pergo can be installed at, above or below grade. The planks should be installed upon Pergo Underlayment Foam or "Whisperwalk". If you install directly over concrete, you will have to install a 6 mil polyethylene vapor barrier over the concrete. The particular sub floor you are using may have additional requirements.

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Tuesday, 25 November 2008

How To Care For A Hardwood Floor

Hardwood floors are an excellent investment for any home, promoting resale value and interior warmth. However, if the floors are not properly cared for, this investment won’t yield as well. Hardwood floors are not hard to maintain, and compared with carpet and other surfaces that are more difficult to clean or require replacement, hardwood floors can be considered relatively low maintenance. But proper care is essential to keep the floors in good shape, and to give them a nice shine.

As with all flooring, hardwood floors must be cleaned, but they must be cleaned correctly. The correct way to clean urethane-stained floors is to mop them with a damp mop. Using vacuum and bristle brooms daily will help keep the floor clean. But when it comes time to really clean the floor, use a damp mop. Allowing dirt and grime to collect on the floor, and walking on this grime over as period of time can damage the finish. Using a small amount of water shouldn’t hurt the finished wood, but don’t pour out water and mop it like you would with kitchen tile. A damp mop or dust rag is all that should be needed, and it should be light enough in water that it will dry in minutes. Be sure to understand what type of finish your floor has, and what the suggested cleaning methods are. Using soaps and oils can void manufacturer warranties on many floors.

Another way to protect hardwood floors is to use throw rugs or walk-off mats in areas of high traffic. For example, in the entry way where people come in through the house, the traffic is likely to be greater in an isolated spot, and thus the floors will wear unevenly in this spot. This would make a great place for an area rug. Watch your floors over time, and consider putting some sort of rug or other type of protection on areas that receive more wear. It is especially important to use rugs on wood floors in kitchens in front of sinks and stoves.

Floor protectors on the bottom of furniture is highly recommended. You will want to pay special attention to rolling chairs with rubber wheels like those often found in offices. These chairs have a tendency to leave rubber trails on the wood floors. If you have such a chair, consider putting a rug underneath it.

There are two primary finishes on hardwood floors: urethane finishes and wax. You should never wax a urethane finished floor. If your urethane floor is extremely worn, you may need to refinish it which will involve sanding and applying sealer. However, if you clean the floor regularly, using only soaps recommended by the manufacturer, and you protect problem areas, you should avoid needing to refinish the floor for many years.

Wax floors require occasional waxing. It really isn’t a lot different than cleaning and waxing your car. You will need to clean the floors first, and buff areas that are worn with high traffic. Occasionally, you will need to buff on additional wax in the worn areas. With wax finished, just as with urethane finishes, you should know the manufacturers recommended care procedures.

With proper maintenance, your hardwood floors should last for the lifetime of your house, and look shiny and new for many years.

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Easy Way to Make Your Garage Floor Sparkle

The floor of your garage is often a place that is subject to the most amount of dirt and grime. When you consider all of the materials that get spilled on it every single day it is a wonder that you can actually see the floor through the grime. There are many things that you can do to get the garage floor looking clean again.

Not everyone will be able to paint their garage floors and have it look great when they are done. There are some things that can be done in place of paint that will give your garage floor a fresh look in no time. You should be careful of the products that you use so that you can make sure that you get a great looking floor when you are finished.

The preparation of your floor is as important as the product that you use to seal and coat it. It will be necessary for you to take a look at the floor and determine what kind of preparation it will need to receive the coat of floor paint or epoxy.

You can go ahead with the paints or sealers if you have a floor that has never been painted before. You will still have to clean the floor completely before you start painting. There absolutely cannot be any oil or dirt on the floor when you begin with these products or it will show through.

You can use a standard cleaning product if all you have is dirt on the floor. But if you have oil and gas on the floor you will need a special product that will clean this up off of your garage floor. You should remove the oil stains before you begin cleaning the floor.

When you have painted and sealed the floor, you will have to wait seven days for it to cure before you are able to drive on it.

For floors that are filled with holes and marks there are products that you can use to fill the holes. If there are too many to fill in with one of these products, you should consider resurfacing the whole floor. There is a lot of work involved in cleaning and making your garage door look good again.

You might find that it is easier if you buy a mat and cover the floor instead. There are many types of flooring mats that you can put on your floor and get a great look for your garage. Check out the different designs that you can use on your garage floor. You'll still have to clean the floor before you use one of these mats for your floor. Get the oil stains up and scrub it till it is clean.

Of course this information is only to create awareness, ultimately you will have to take the decision yourself depending on what goals you have for the space.

Jim Warren is a consumer advocate who enjoys writing about the right way to purchase a Fiberglass Garage Door. Be sure to visit for more important fiberglass garage door tips and resources.

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Monday, 24 November 2008

Husky Floor Mats - How do They Compare to Other Floor Mats?

When it comes to making comparisons between other floor mats and husky floor mats, there’s really very little room for comparison. Sure, they are all floor mats that lay on the floor of your vehicle and protect the carpet from damage, but the way that they both accomplish this task are very different. Regular floor mats that set on the floor areas of your car, truck, van or SUV will protect the carpets from the usual amounts of rain, snow or slush.

But husky floor mats are specially designed to go that extra step and protect against some of the worst damaging elements that you can bring into your vehicle. With raised sides and specially channeled central areas, the husky floor mats will protect your vehicle’s carpeted areas much better than standard floor mats. Because you never know what some people may have on the bottom of their shoes or boots, it only makes good sense to have the best protection in place for your carpeted areas.

Regular floor mats are made of a plasticized rubber-vinyl material, that is of course, resistant to water and other elements. But husky floor mats are crafted of a specially blended rubber material that’s guaranteed never to crack or break for the life of your vehicle. Husky floor mats are also made to stand up to many chemicals that you may encounter throughout the life of your vehicle such as battery acid and other caustic materials. It’s good to know that your carpeted areas are being protected even against battery acid because you chose to purchase husky floor mats rather than the regular floor mats.

Regular floor mats may not protect your carpets against any sort of acid or caustic fluid. The material in many standard floor mats for vehicles will quickly start to break down when exposed to battery acids and other chemical substances. This will mean that your carpets will be ruined if you use the regular floor mats, in this case. It makes sense to have the best protection against chemicals and the elements right from the start. It seems like husky floor do the job very well and offer great protection for your carpets.

T. Atanasov is a car enthusiast who writes about car accessories. To learn more visit his husky floor mat blog for more information at

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Bamboo Floor Maintenance

To reduce the amount of dust and grit brought onto your floors, install mats at all outside entryways. Make sure these mats are kept clean and in good condition as well. Be aware that oil from driveways and/or roads can stain quite easily. Make sure shoes are clean before walking on the floor.

Another note about shoes: High heels (particularly stiletto), work boots, shoes with cleats, and hard soled shoes can quickly damage your floor. Avoid walking on your floors with these types of shoes as much as possible. If you must walk on your floors with high heels, make sure the heels are in good repair to minimize damage to the floor. Also, check any shoe for rocks, pebbles, etc. lodged in the sole before walking on your floors.

Make sure dust and grit are cleaned up daily or at least as often as needed. When walked on, dust and grit act like sandpaper. This can and will quickly damage your surface. A soft bristled broom, dust mop or vacuum with an attachment for cleaning bamboo (or hardwood) floors is the recommended tool for frequent cleanups.

Make sure all spills are cleaned up quickly. If necessary, a lightly damp mop or soft cloth can be used to clean up wet or sticky spills. Make sure you dry the floor completely with a clean soft cloth afterwards.

Use area rugs to protect high traffic areas or areas that are prone to liquid spills. In the kitchen it is suggested to have a rug in front of the stove and one in front of the sink. These are both places that see a lot of traffic and are highly likely to experience liquid spills on the floor. Make sure the rugs are kept clean so dirt and grit do not get trapped underneath. Also, make sure the backing is not too rough, which could damage the finish.

Protect your floors from dents and scratches from heavy furniture. Place soft protective pads under the feet of all furniture. Make sure the pads are kept in good condition and replace as necessary. Never drag heavy furniture unprotected across your floors. If furniture has casters, make sure the casters are made of soft, non marking materials such as rubber. Hard casters made of metal or plastic will quickly damage your floor.

Clean your bamboo floors as necessary with the manufacturer’s suggested no-wax, non-alkaline floor cleaning product. Although, more resistant to moisture than wood flooring, bamboo can still be damaged by too much water. If the product requires mixing with water, follow the label directions exactly. Also, do not let the cleaner (or any other liquid for that matter) to pool on the surface of the floor. This could result in damage to the finish or bamboo itself.

To prevent shrinking or swelling of your floor, use a humidifier or dehumidifier to maintain relative humidity of 30-50%. Excessive humidity can cause your floor to swell, while a lack of humidity can cause the floor to contract (shrink). This can eventually lead to an uneven floor and/or gaps between the boards.

As much as possible, limit your bamboo floor’s exposure to sunlight. Use good quality drapes or blinds and rotate area rugs. If the floor is exposed to too much sunlight, the floor may darken in some areas and lighten in others.

If you notice the finish of your bamboo floors has lost its sheen, or you notice lots of scratches and nicks, it may be time to re-coat or restore the floor’s finish. Follow your manufacturer’s recommendations for what product to use to restore the shine.

Never use abrasive cleaners or tools such as scouring powder or steel wool on your bamboo floors. If you have stains remaining after general cleaning, first attempt to remove them by rubbing a clean soft cloth moistened with wood floor cleaner. If the stain is still visible, try another clean soft cloth moistened with mineral spirits. Make sure you carefully read and follow all directions on the cleaning product label.

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Sunday, 23 November 2008

Be Imaginative In Your Floor Ideas

Talks about different designs and patterns in floor coverings and rugs and the advantages and disadvantages of using designs and patterns.

In a rug or floor covering where one area of color is the same as the others, where the forms in the patterns are exactly the same, where each piece of the design is counterbalanced by the exact piece of the design at an exact distance, either above or below, or to either side, it might normally be considered very well designed.

However, if such a rug or floor covering is large, this feature becomes overpowering and unattractive. On a smaller rug. the colors and patterns would not be repeated as many times. so the effect is not as annoying. But on a large rug, the pattern seems to go on endlessly. Some designs take this feature into account and use the laws of optics in ingenious ways to mitigate this effect, but in most cases, an unrelentingly busy pattern will not produce the calm, eye-pleasing effect that is desirable in floor coverings.

If carpeting is the floor covering of choice, it is better to carpet the floor in a color the same as the room, but in a darker shade. Perhaps not without any pattern at all, but with a simple pattern in the same colors as the room. This will allow the design scheme of the room to be carried through the pattern of the carpeting, though it may not afford a focal point in the room. This can be achieved by using a pattern only in the middle of the carpeting, and then adding a bold and wide border around the carpet. This may still make the pattern, especially on the border, seem obtrusive, but if the center pattern is small or subtle, and then scatter rugs or hearthside rugs are used in crucial places, this feature will also be softened.

Many times, a decorator or homemaker will choose a carpet that is a completly different, contrasting shade than the walls in order to achieve some drama in the decorating scheme. Using soft colored green carpeting with a room that is painted a tan color will usually result in a smooth blending of colors. As a matter of fact, green is one of the safest and most satisfying color to use in almost any color scheme, as long as it is in the same tone as the walls (a muted color green carpet with soft colored walls, for example).

There are some greens, such as those with more earthy tones, that are able to blend in with just about any decorating color scheme. These types of greens are considered the most calming in the color spectrum since they do not have any exact opposite colors. Green, in pale shades, is considered the most peaceful of colors and never opposes other colors in the room, as so many colors can do. Even with greens of a deeper tone or strength, this effect is able to be maintained. This, along with the natural calming effects of the color green, is one of the qualities that make it the best choice for flooring.

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The Basics Of Floor Heating

Indoor climate control in cold regions is very important. As per ergonomics the floor temperature should range between 19 to 29 degrees C and the air temperature should range between 20 to 24 degrees C for maximum efficiency. There are two types of indoor climate control namely convection type and radiant type. Convection type heats the air then air is moved around the interiors. Convection type uses systems like radiators, blowers and fireplaces. Radiant heating systems heat the floor using air, liquid or electricity.

A radiant system is a modern and superior system to a convection type system. The convection system heats the air and does not heat the floor whereas the ideal system should heat the floor more than the air. In a convection system the air tends to escape as it becomes lighter and moves towards the ceiling. Further convection systems can be harmful to people suffering from allergies or asthma as air is circulated. A convection system is not aesthetically good to look at, whereas the radiant systems go underneath the floor and are invisible.

Air Type Floor Heating System

In this system the air is heated in a central radiator and passed through pipes underneath the floor. However air heating systems are not popular because they are unable to retain heat over time. Hence they are used only where little heat is required such as mildly cold regions.

Water or Liquid Type Floor Heating System

In this type warm water is circulated in pipes laid under the floor. Usually 5/8-inch tubes are used. The water is heated in a boiler and circulated by means of thermo siphon. Thermo siphon is a natural system to flow water in tubes. A small pump is used to purge air bubbles trapped in the tubes. There are cutoff valves in case you want to heat a particular room and not other rooms. The tubes usually have a life of 100 years and require very little maintenance. The same system can be used to circulate chilled water if the weather becomes hot. This system is the most common and electricity savings of 40 to 15% are common.

Electricity Type Floor Heating

In this type of system electric coils are laid underneath the floor. The main advantage of this system is the floor build up. It can be as low as 3 millimeters. The coils are installed on an insulation board like marmox and then the flooring is tiled over using tile adhesives. This system has faster warm up times compared to other systems. Floor heating systems can be installed on almost any type of floor such as concrete, tile, vinyl, linoleum, ceramic tiles, hardwood etc. Ceramics are most commonly used as they have higher thermal mass and good aesthetics.

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Saturday, 22 November 2008

Floor Your House With Finesse

Are you building your dream house? Or are you redecorating your house to bring it into the new millennium? Whether you are building from scratch, or giving your house a completely new revamp, nothing can ruin the overall look of a house than old-fashioned, out-dated floorings.

Many people tend to overlook the importance of their flooring, and instead get to the end of their project, only to scratch their head and wonder why things didn’t turn out the way they had imagined. Too often, it is not until the end of a job that people realize they have forgotten to invest in new floor coverings, and the whole effect of their interior decorating has been lost.

When you are building or redecorating, the type of floor covering that will be used in your house should be one of the first things you think about. Choosing the right floor covering can be an arduous task, since there are so many materials and styles around.

These days it is very fashionable to have polished wooden floors. Likewise, tiles and slate are very popular. All are beautiful materials to walk on, especially barefoot in summer! That said, you need to think about the climate that you live in, ease of cleaning and price. Wood, tiles and slate tend to be expensive, and if you live in a cool climate can be very cold. Be sure you have adequate heating because woods, tile and slate offer very little warmth.

If you are on a budget, there are literally hundreds of very stylish and functional vinyls on the market. Indeed, there are so many excellent vinyls nowadays that mimic polished wood that it is difficult to tell what is the real thing. Many people who opt for vinyl are pleased they did because it is heavy wearing, does not require polishing, re-sanding or re-lacquering, all of which saves money down the track.

Another budget friendly floor covering is cork. Lovely underfoot, warm and easy to lay, cork is a relatively cheap and easy to source material that comes in a variety of shades and styles.

Choosing the right floor covering for your needs depends on the level of usage, your individual decorating taste and your budget. Whatever floor covering you go for, be sure to think about this important decorating element early in the piece. Your floor can be the centerpiece of your house if you choose wisely.

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Friday, 21 November 2008

Floor Hockey Popularity

The following article presents the very latest information on floor hockey. If you have a particular interest in floor hockey, then this informative article is required reading. The below article will cover every aspect of floor hockey and show you why floor hockey has grown to be one of the most popular sports on the planet.

There's no doubt that floor hockey is one of the most popular games around, in large part because it's a fast-paced, exciting sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels. Another reason that floor hockey is so popular is that it's very accessible. Unlike many other sports, you don't have to spend thousands of dollars on very expensive equipment in order to play competitively. In fact, you can often get top-of-the-line equipment for much less than you think, especially if you shop on the web.

There are many sporting goods websites that offer significant discounts on floor hockey equipment. Some of these websites require that you purchase multiple items in order to enjoy the savings. These sites are wonderful if you are in charge of the floor hockey program at your school or if you manage a recreational team and are responsible for providing the equipment. Very often, you have to purchase a whole set of sticks (usually 12), plus a couple of pucks and perhaps even one or two goal nets in order to take advantage of the discounts. So the next time you have to buy floor hockey equipment in bigger quantities, remember to check out some of these websites.

The more authentic information about floor hockey you know, the more likely people are to consider you a floor hockey expert. Read on for even more floor hockey facts that you can share. These are facts based on the game of floor hockey and not myth. These facts were compiled from several sources across the united states which includes high school gym classes, college clubs, and even pro men's and women's leagues.

There are also plenty of websites that sell great floor hockey equipment on an individual basis. With the perfect site, you can still get good prices on sticks, pucks, protective gear, replacement blades, practice accessories, and even goalie equipment such as masks and pads.

These days, it's also very common for people to play a "street" version of floor hockey. The outdoor version of the game is usually a lot faster because players often use rollerblades, thereby making skating and stick handling skills critical elements to success. Here is a great sports related site For the outdoor game, you'll need sturdier sticks and will probably want to use special pucks that have "glide pins" built into the surface to help them glide across asphalt more easily. Or, you might need to use so-called low-density balls that are designed not to bounce. Either way, you'll likely be able to find this kind of equipment at the same websites that sell regular floor hockey products, so you can be sure to save money no matter which version of the game you prefer.

Floor hockey is an action-packed sport that offers participants a fantastic opportunity to get some exercise in a fun and competitive environment. It's also one of the most affordable activities around, so there's really no excuse not to play!

There's a lot to understand about floor hockey. We were able to provide you with some of the facts above, but there is still plenty more to write about in subsequent articles. We hope you enjoyed the information we compiled about floor hockey. It seems once you try floor hockey once you will not be able to stop playing the game. Consider it fun exercise and you will see why several play the game weekly.

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Thursday, 20 November 2008

Catch All Floor Mats

Using good quality floor mats in your car right from its first use will help in maintaining a high level of cleanliness. Catch-all-floor-mats are a good choice as these mats have several useful features.

Catch-all-floor-mats are mats that provide a moisture barrier and molded outer edge that "catch" unwanted elements before they are able to penetrate your vehicle's carpet. Provided with a stain-resistant nylon-carpeted top layer color that matches your vehicle's interior, catch-all-floor-mats are the pinnacle of floor protection. They add a finished, plush look to any vehicle's interior. Catch-all-floor-mats can be found in myriad colors, which will match any vehicle's color scheme.

Catch-all-floor-mats are available in matched carpet finish with color coordinated edge binding. The Catch-all-floor-mats stay in place with an underside gripper. An electronically welded heel pad offers additional protection and long lasting wear for the floor area on the driver's side. They are also available for second row, third row, and cargo area protection.

Catch-all-floor-mats have a raised outer lip design. Such a design keeps mud, moisture and snow on the mat and does not allow penetration to a surface below. Also, a thick rubber heel pad helps make the floor mats into long-lasting fixtures for your vehicle.

Catch-all-floor-mats do not require any special carpet cleaning products. They are designed for easy hose-off cleaning. These mats offer superb protection for every part of your vehicle.

Catch-all-floor-mats are available in five universal colors which go along with the original carpeting - charcoal, beige, blue, grey and black. Most of the catch-all-floor-mats come with a lifetime warranty.

The use of catch-all floor mats ensures your car is protected from mud, moisture and muck all year round. These easy to clean and catch-all-floor-mats are both semi-custom and custom-designed for a sure fit.

Mats provides detailed information on Mats, Floor Mats, Yoga Mats, Car Floor Mats and more. Mats is affiliated with Feather Masks.

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Commercial Concrete Floor Sealers

A commercial concrete floor sealer, also known as concrete floor finisher, is a resin-based, water emulsion sealing compound applied on concrete floors to protect them from corrosion and other harmful elements. It boasts a glossy hard finish and excellent adhesion properties. Commercial concrete floor sealers are most commonly used to seal the floors of commercial areas like offices, factories, and stores. The main purpose of a commercial concrete floor sealer is to deliver an economic, long lasting, and serviceable finish to commercial concrete floors.

Commercial concrete floor sealers shield the floors against dust and moisture damage. Additionally, they protect floors from the harmful effects of weak acids, salts and stains. Sealers comprising epoxies, linseed oil and various urethane based materials are used for commercial concrete floors. Commercial concrete sealers containing siloxane water repellent help to avoid spalling and the premature deterioration of floors. Likewise, for a chemical resistant surface, penetrating concrete sealers are an ideal option.

Sealing the commercial concrete floor not only protects it from everyday wear but also enhances the color of the acid stained floor. Usually, concrete floor sealers are easy to apply and quick-drying. A brush, roller or commercial spray equipment can be used for applying the sealer. A recommended first step in the application of sealers is to clean the floor with some cleaning solution. Commercial concrete floor sealers can also be used on old floors, which are affected by white stains and adhesion problems.

Concrete floor sealers like Chem-calk® 950 polyurethane sealant with tear and abrasion features are suitable for sealing concrete floors in mall areas. In the case of steel-troweled commercial concrete floors, concrete sealers with silicates and surface active agents can be applied. Some of the recent additions in the commercial concrete floor sealer market are sealers colored with quality pigments, sealers with waterproofing coating, and fiber-reinforced concrete sealers with great adherence and mechanical features.

Concrete Sealer provides detailed information on Concrete Sealer, Concrete Floor Sealer, Concrete Driveway Sealer, Stamped Concrete Sealer and more. Concrete Sealer is affiliated with Concrete Sealers.

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Wednesday, 19 November 2008

A Look At Cleaning Parquet Floor

What is parquet flooring? Parquet flooring is a type of flooring created from strips or blocks of wood that form a pattern. So, when cleaning a parquet floors you would use the same process as cleaning hardwood floors.

As with hardwood floors, the best method for care is to provide preventative maintenance. There are several things you can do to assist you in making the cleaning process easier. Parquet or wood floors should be swept often. Dirt, sand and outside debris can easily scratch any type of wood flooring. Keeping the debris off of your wood floors is one of the best ways to maintain the newness to your parquet floors.

Along with daily sweeping or dry dust mopping you will want to use carpet rugs to trap the dirt and debris. Placing carpet rugs at all entrances to your home will assist in trapping debris as it is brought in on shoes. It is important that you also vacuum the carpet rugs to pull out the dirt and debris as often as possible. Placing carpet rugs in high traffic or high use areas around your home will also help in protecting your parquet flooring.

Unlike laminates your parquet floors do not come with the added finish coating. It is up to you to provide that shiny surface. An easy way to do that is to use a cleaner and polisher in one. Using a cleaning product that combines cleaning and polishing in one, cuts the job in half. This allows you more time to admire your beautiful parquet floors, than cleaning them.

It is important to use the proper instrument when cleaning and polishing your parquet floor. It is recommended that you use an instrument with a flat surface, and a soft cloth or terry cloth. This cloth makes shining your wood floors easy as can be.

It is important that you not use water to clean your parquet floors. These floors are wood, and water will damage them. It is also important to clean up any water as soon as it is spilled. Never use any products that contain wax on your parquet floors. Remember they are wood floors and should be treated like all other wood floors. It is also important that you take steps in protecting your parquet floors. You should not wear high heals on a parquet floor as they could dent them. It is also important that your pet’s nails are kept clipped so they do not scratch the wood. Never drag furniture across a wood floor, either lift the furniture, or place a small carpet rug under the legs to slide the furniture across the floor. It is also recommended to place wood protector covers under the legs of all furniture.

Taking care of your parquet floors can and will be an easy project as long as you provide preventative maintenance and a cleaning routine that is consistent.

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Tuesday, 18 November 2008

How To Get In On The Adventure Ground Floor

You wake up one day, and the job market has changed - again. Now, not only is adventure a hobby that mankind has pursued with great vigor since antiquity, but now
it's become a career.

Yes, many people are now "adventure consultants." A naturally curious person would by all means want to know just what this kind of new "job description" entails.

The truth is, thousands of young people have given up hope. Outside education, training and employment, they see no future for themselves. A handful of new college programs across the United States are now offering degrees in "Adventure Consulting."

Using a very unique combination of challenging activities and long-term personal support, these coursesgive young people the skills they will need to enjoy a future of choice and opportunity in the "adventure business."

For example, one could apply as a ski resort manager. Usually, these openings are available at upscale hotels with high-quality childcare and excellent service. The ski resort manager manages the day-to-day running of the resort to ensure that it maintains the high standard of customer service. The adventure consultant, or ski resort manager, would be expected to meet or exceed client expectations.

These specially educated individuals are sometimes referred to as customer service representatives and are responsible for making sure all clientele are having their best holiday ever. This is not a job that stops when the sun goes down.

Adventure Consultants will organize events and plan trips and resort activities, as well as perform airport duties and transfers.

Similar to this position is another title, the Adventure Coordinator. They ensure that guests enjoy a wide variety of recreation activities, including alpine ski and snowboard touring, Nordic skiing, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling are also available at these types of resorts. An individual must be a slightly aggressive, energetic professional, as they will serve as the first person to greet guests when they phone, fax, or send e-mail inquiries.

As such, this role is one of the most important at the adventure resort. Friendly, genuine and caring attitides turn enquiring people into life customers.

Here are a few other valuable characteristics an adventure coordinator or resort customer service representative must possess:

He or she must warmly meet and greet the guests upon their arrival, providing and explaining maps, offering weather information, and generally building the anticipation of the adventure. They are also expected to keep in contact with guests after their stay, mailing thank-you letters and surveys, and they should also maintain a client database and work to increase repeat business.

In short, the adventure coordinator is responsible for ensuring that every detail of the guest’s vacation is supremely organized, and that they leave with warm memories that will either entice them to return or reccommend the resort to their friends.

Adventure is no longer just a state of mind or a pursuit. In the 21st Century, quality of service is of utmost importance, hence the need for resort "adventure coordinators." For the outdoorsy type, this is truly a new frontier and an excellent job "fit" that willnbenefit both the adventure consultant and the resort, cruise line, or privately owned spa. It's all about catering to the needs of those who can afford to pay for these kinds of services, and in today's market place, there's certainly no shortage of those key individuals and their families.

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Antique Floor Lamps

Antiques are sought for their mature beauty and the elegance they bring to a room. The antique trend that exists in the world of home design has even influenced floor lamps. Manufacturers create designs to mimic the sometimes flowery or ornate styles of antique furniture to provide fixtures to match the various types of antique home d├ęcor.

Many of these so-called antique lamps have a gilded base and ornate cloth or stained-glass lampshades. Sometimes, the word “antique” is used simply to describe a hue in the finish. Antique brass is a popular finish in floor lamps. In truth, these are simply reproduction lamps. True antique floor lamps are much harder to find and are substantially more expensive, depending on their history and design. In fact, some French antique lamps sell at auctions for thousands of dollars.

A popular antique floor lamp restoration technique is to replace the electrical workings with contemporary parts to make these lamps safer and more functional. Converting a vintage floor lamp into a halogen or a compressed fluorescent floor lamp combines the benefits of modern lighting technology with the beauty of antique design.

Antique floor lamps are rarely chosen for their light – they really are more aesthetic than functional. A vintage floor lamp pleases the eye and accentuates much of the furniture around it. Brass trim in a floor lamp’s base can call attention to the brass handles of a nearby chest. The carved wood of a maple floor lamp adds to a room’s warm tones and blends in with the rest of the dark wood furniture.

A piece of furniture can be effectively used in design, and floor lamps are no different. Selecting an antique or a reproduction floor lamp has the potential to bring the style in a room together. Choose these lamps if you have lots of brass detailing or a consistent theme of dark wood and warm fabric tones in your furniture.

Floor Lamps provides detailed information on Floor Lamps, Halogen Floor Lamps, Contemporary Floor Lamps, Antique Floor Lamps and more. Floor Lamps is affiliated with Floor Lamps.

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Monday, 17 November 2008

Be Careful When Using Mops To Clean Laminate floor

When you clean your kitchen floor you may use a regular old mop and heavy duty cleaners to strip the wax from the floor and remove surface dirt and grime. If you used to the same chemicals and mops to clean laminate floor you would have very negative results. To keep your laminate floor in pristine condition with a lustrous shine you must clean it with the appropriate chemicals and mops.

Mops to clean laminate floor should not be wet or submersed in any chemicals that are used to clean other types of flooring or damage to the floors sealants and coatings could be the result. When cleaning your laminate floor it is best to use one of the newer dry style mops to clean laminate floor. Many major manufactures have marketed these dry mops and they do a great job picking up loose dirt and dust that collects on floors. Many of these manufactures also have specialty laminate floor cleaners that are safe for your floors finish and will not cause and damage when used correctly.

When using any type of liquid chemical on you laminate floor you must avoid saturation. Although most laminate floors are water proof constant cleaning with to much flooring chemicals can cause it to seep between the flooring boards. This can cause the sub floor to swell and make your laminate floor buckle. Any liquid that is allowed between the laminate floor panels may also damage the floor as they will be able to sit on the flooring panels longer then they were designed for. Most laminate floors are designed to have the liquid spill cleaned up quickly and not left on for days. This is especially important in older floors where boards may have slightly separated since installation, even the smallest gaps can allow water under the floor.

When using mops to clean laminate floor always use common sense, good judgment and the proper mop and cleaners for the job.

More Great Info About Wood laminate flooring and its installation and care tips.

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Sunday, 16 November 2008

Home Improvement Tip - Fixing a Squeaky Floor

Question: I have a floor that every single time I step on it I get the most annoying sound. I don't know what it does to me or why it bothers me so much. My kitchen floor squeaks and actually moves up and down if you are standing on it. The whole floor moves. How do I stop it from moving and squeaking. Help Me Greg!

Answer: It sounds like you have a broken floor joist. You are going to have to go under your house. If you have a basement this will be a little easier to fix. It is my guess that you don't have a basement or you would have seen the broken floor joist by now.

Have someone stand on the floor in the spot that squeaks and have them move up and down while you are under the house. Don't have them jump up and down while you are under the house. This could cause more damage to the structural framing of the floor. Once you are in the right position under the floor you can have them start moving slowly. What you are looking for is one of the floor joist that are moving.

If you see one of them moving. Look to see where the damage is. Is it a split, crack, wood rot or a big knot in the wood that has loosened up and fell out. Once you find the damaged floor joist you can now think about repairing it.

If you don't see any floor joist moving. Have the person on top start moving a little bit more and you can even have them jump on it a few times until you see something out of place. If you still don't see any broken floor joist. Start looking at the sub-floor, this will be plywood of some form, 1 x 6 or 2 x 6 materials.

What you are looking for is movement of any kind. Is there a separation or movement between the sub-floor and the floor joist. If you still can't find the problem maybe it is time to call in a professional.

The main thing you are going to be looking for is movement of any kind.

Most squeaky floors are caused from the sub-floor rubbing up and down on a nail. If you have carpeting and you have a squeaky floor you can do your best to locate a floor joist and screw right through your carpeting into the floor joist.

For more help on fixing squeaky floors visit

Thanks for the great question. I hope it helps.

Greg Vanden Berge has been in the home building and remodeling business for over 30 years. With this knowledge he has created a few websites that provide useful information for home owners as well as contractors. His main goal is to educate professionals in the home related businesses, dealing with problems that can easily be avoided with just a little bit of information.

His website provides all kinds of answers to remodeling and new house building issues that could create major damage as well as possible damage to your pocket book.

Visit us now for Home Improvement Tips

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Saturday, 15 November 2008

Free Floor Plans

“Free floor plans” is a misleading term because the best one can get is free floor planning software to help design one’s home or specific rooms in the home. There is very little such software available. One can design a room, change its proportions, place furniture and even add structural essentials such as doors and windows.

The makers of this software claim that it is very easy to use, with no learning curve, but best of all it is free. Free floor plans can be created in minutes, with absolutely no impact on one’s budget. Such software has been made so user-friendly that all one has to do is drag-and-drop in order to create a floor plan. Apparently, it is as simple as that. Such software will contain free-flowing graphics of furniture and fixtures, cabinets, wiring, plumbing, security systems, landscape basics, and even plants.

One doesn’t need to be professionally trained in any aspect of house building – not design, engineering or architecture. These products enable the user to create floor plans and more in only a matter or minutes. There are multiple templates that one can choose from in order to create the floor plan of one’s choice. There are wizards that walk the user through every step in creating the ideal floor plan.

The best part about software of this kind is that it is not only easy to use, but it can be downloaded from the Internet at no cost whatever.

Tools such as these make floor plans accessible to all. Huge payments for professional designers of these floor plans can be cut out from the estimate. Moreover, floor plans can be customized to a certain extent to suit the tastes of the user. All this makes online floor planning software a real temptation, because then your floor plan is entirely free.

Floor Plans provides detailed information on Floor Plans, House Floor Plans, Free Floor Plans, Manufactured Home Floor Plans and more. Floor Plans is affiliated with Kitchen Remodeling.

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Monday, 10 November 2008

How to Purchase a Correctly Sized Floor Register

What is a Floor Register?

There is often some great confusion when it comes to floor registers. There happen to be plenty of synonyms for them. Here's a list of some other common terms you may have heard floor registers referred to as:

  • Vent Covers
  • Air Return Grills
  • Air Registers
  • Wall Registers
  • Floor Vents
  • Heat Vents
  • And Many More

Floor Registers are the grates you often see that are attached to the end of an air duct. Their purpose is to control the amount of air flow into a room. Most commonly, floor registers are found on the floor, toward the wall. However, there are variations that can be installed on the wall or ceiling. These are known as wall registers and ceiling registers respectively.

How a Floor Register Works

There are two main components to a floor register. The grate is the first part, which serves mostly as decoration. It also keeps things from falling into an air duct. The damper box is the second part of a floor register. The function of the damper box is to control the air flow. This is done using a lever that connects to the damper box and extends out to the grate. For wall or ceiling registers, there will be small holes on the grate to keep it secure.

Floor Register Measurement

Measuring your opening size is your first step. The opening size is the hole in the floor (or wall/ceiling, etc.) in which you will fit the floor register. You will use this measurement for the size of the damper box. The grate itself overlaps with the damper box slightly, so it becomes flush with the floor. Usually, the grate will extend about 1.25 " past the opening. The grate size varies, but the opening size is the more crucial measurement. So, for instance, if your opening size is 6" x 10", you're grille size will be around 7.25" x 11.25".

Where to Get Floor Registers

There are plenty of online sources to pick up a few floor registers for your home decoration project. Hopefully, after reading this guide you'll be able to confidently order the correct size. Sometimes you'll find that you can not find your particular size floor register. Luckily, many manufacturers offer custom floor registers to match your size.

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Choosing the Best Garage Floor Paint

When it comes to painting a garage floor, you want to choose the best garage floor paint possible. The reason why people paint their concrete floors is that they want to keep the dust down and to keep it looking showroom clean. Most garage floors are stained with grease, oil and tire marks. However, applying any type of coating to a garage floor is a lot of work and it does not always work. Some professionals do not recommend applying any sort of paint to your concrete floor at all.

One way to choose the best garage floor paint is to speak to your local hardware store proprietor. Another good contact would be a local contractor that specializes in laying concrete flooring. Keep in mind, that some people prefer not to apply any paint at all. A garage floor takes plenty of abuse from the weather, road salt from the winter, vehicle tires and oil and chemical spills. Also, your automobile could be leaking some sort of fluid onto the floor as well. All of these things can cause the concrete to deteriorate.

Regardless of the chances that your floor may peel, people still want to try to have the best garage floor paint applied. A lot of people work on their cars in their garage and they want their floor looking like a showroom floor. In this case, they will want to apply the best possible coating so that it looks great and protects their floor from the grease and oil spills that occasionally occur.

One way to protect your concrete floor after applying the best garage floor paint possible is to wash it thoroughly whenever you have a spill of any kind. Epoxy finishes are easy to maintain and keep clean. Concrete flooring professionals will tell you that applying the paint or epoxy is the easy part. To give your floor a unique look, you can sprinkle paint chips that are supplied with some epoxies onto the floor as it dries. The hard part is preparing the floor. After the floor has been painted and dried, you must wait several days before driving on it.

A garage is an important part of your home and it must be looked after just like the house. Visit our site to gather all your information on garage floor sealers, garage floor treatments, garage floor coverings, the best garage floor paint and other useful information on protecting your garage floor.

by D. Karlson

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Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Floor Plan Simplicity Makes Convenient Living

Possibly the simplest and most functional floor plans are designed for farm house layouts, encompassing a simple four room per floor plan. The second floor is typically a repeat of the first floor, although some alteration may be made depending on the family's needs.

In most cases there will be a living room, dining room, kitchen and bathroom on the lower floor with a bathroom and three or four bedrooms on the upper floor. Two of those bedrooms could be combined into a larger one to hold three upstairs rooms, if the family needs one extra large room for their personal needs.

While most two-story floor plans will have one bathroom over the other for ease in plumbing installation, it is also possible for bathrooms to be at opposite ends of the house. This will increase installation costs as well as repair costs later on, but individual floor plans are for the convenience of the homeowner and not the plumber doing the work.

These floor plans typically have a door at the front and back of the house, but the floor plan will allow the first floor to have a circular traffic pattern. Ease of getting from one room to the other allows traffic to flow from room to room without causing congestion in a busy household. Moving from the kitchen to the dining room or to the family room makes mealtime easier while segregating the living room from any noise associate with kitchen activity.

On the upper level, the bathroom is typically located closest to the master, or larger bedroom, for the convenience of the “master” of the house. Often times, if the floor plan will allow, a half-bath can be placed at the other end of the upper level to allow more convenience of the rest of the family members.

Christine Sears writes articles about architectural home plans, new home construction, floor plans, house plans, new construction financing, and more for The House Designers. Browse thousands of Americas most popular plans at We offer beautiful & affordable home plans & blueprints, with free shipping and even a printed catalog available.

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Garage Floor Tiles - The Next Project In Your Home

There is not a room left in your house that has to be remodeled. You have done home improvement projects until you feel that at this point in your family’s lifestyle, all has been done that could be done. Is one of you itching for just one more project. Whether it is the husband or the wife, or any combination of the two, you can extend beyond your home and reach out to your garage, and start planning a renovation project that will include a garage floor tile.

If you want to use your garage for the traditional use of storing your car along with tools to keep it in perfect running order, you can find garage floor tile that will bring to mind NASCAR races among other good memories. You can choose from the traditional black and white that has been made into tiles that have a twelve year limited warranty. There are several styles of this type of floor that will be especially attractive on a workshop floor, patios and of course garage floor tile.

When you do your shopping online to find a bargain on a garage floor tile, you will also have to take into consideration the size of the area to be covered with a garage floor tile. If it is a small area, you may want to choose something that is a little more expensive in a garage floor tile design. You may not have to look at the cheapest garage floor tile available when you are shopping for a smaller area.

You can browse sites that will offer you garage floor tile in many colors and sizes. Your garage floor tile can be far from the ordinary if you are determined that your garage floor tile is going to a unique floor and say something about you and what your garage means to you.

It depends on what the use of your garage floor tile has to handle. If your garage is a workshop, you will have to pick a garage floor tile that can handle the risks associated with construction. If you are just going to use it to store your car and off season decorations, then a garage floor tile doesn’t have to be too tough to hold boxes.

Monday, 3 November 2008

Laminate Floor Care and Maintenance

Laminate floor care and maintenance starts with proper installation. If you will be installing your laminate floor over a concrete sub floor then you will want to make sure that you install a vapor shield before you lay down the underlayment material. If you will be installing your laminate floor on top of existing flooring or plywood, you will want to make sure that the sub floor is level. If you try installing the laminate flooring over an uneven surface you can cause the planks to crack or break.

The next stage of laminate floor care and maintenance is to keep your floors clean. Cleaning your laminate floor will typically only involve sweeping the surface once a week. You can help extend the life of your floor by making sure that you remove course debris from the floor as soon as possible. If the floor becomes sticky or grimy then you can use a damp cloth or mild cleanser to clean the floor. You do not want to over-wet the surface of your laminate flooring as this can cause warping.

If your laminate flooring is scratched of gauged you can repair this damage by using a repair kit or wood putty. Start by cleaning the damaged area. Then follow the application instructions offered by the putty or repair kit. Fill in the gauge or scratch with the putty using the applicator or a toothpick. Smooth the putty at the surface of the plank so that it is level and wipe off the excess. Allow the putty to dry.

If your laminate floor has a damaged plank that is beyond repair you can replace it. If the plank is near the edge of the floor you can remove the baseboard and then snap out the damaged plank and fit in the replacement plank. If the plank is not in an easy to access area of your floor, or if you have a glued plank floor then you will need to cut the plank out and replace it with a modified new plank. To get your new plank to fit in the hole left by the old plank then you will need to cut off its tongue before you glue it into place.

Is laminate flooring right for you? Find out more at - your source for information on caring for laminate floors, do it yourself floor installation information and professional flooring advice. For more home decor and remodeling options visit the search engine friendly directory.

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Sunday, 2 November 2008

Floor Scales

Need to weigh heavy objects but don’t know what kind of scales to be used? Worry no more because floor scales are here. Here are the features you should consider when buying floor scales.

Floor scales are weighing mechanisms that are laid on the floor. In many instances, floor scales are used to weigh weighty objects that cannot be handled by other types of scales like the desk scale or bench scale.

Nearly all floor scales have broad and flat areas and can handle mass up to several tons. Numerous floor scales are made of well-built stainless steel to endure ruthless environments and items weighted. This is also to avoid corrosion.

Some floor scales verify the weight manually adjusting the weight pointer. Others have automatic digital weight display powered by batteries.

Big industries make use of huge floor scales to measure the weight of their metals and other heavy objects before construction. Likewise, most hardware stores selling heavy apparatus use floor scales before shipping their merchandises to their clients.

At home, small floor scales are used. The best liked of course is the bathroom weighing scale. This convenient floor scale accurately monitors the weight of family members who closely watch their health and well being. Many hospitals set metal floor scales on corridors for patients to liberally determine their heaviness.

Floor scales can be pricey depending on the characteristics and size. So when purchasing floor scales, one must ensure for the warranty offered. Many companies over the Internet freely transport smaller weighing scales purchases. Other larger floor scales may be delivered with a separate cost. However, negotiation can be done.

Caring for floor scales should be an easy duty. For metallic floor scale, habitual cleaning with the suitable cleaning agents should do the work. Digital floor scales should not put in damp and humid places to ensure that the inside circuitry won’t be short-circuited.

Digital scales are new types of weight scales that are electronically motorized with automatic display to provide fast and accurate measurements.

When buying a digital scale, one must take not of some features. Accuracy of course is very important. Nearly all-digital scales are accurate up to 0.1 gram.

One better feature to note is the automatic shut off. It is a very important feature because most active people use scales that are digitalized and for the reason that of there unpredicted schedules, they tend to forget to turn the power off after every use. This characteristic can save a lot of frustration and energy from dry cells.

Another good feature may be the ease of use of an AC adaptor. This means that the digital scale can be plugged directly to the electrical source and may save the owner some expenditure on batteries.

Floor scales, also recognized as platform scales. Among consumers these scales are the most sought after weighing scale. Floor scales come in varied sizes, prices, capacities and models and suit various application needs. Most of the weighing scales that are components of the floor scales such are bench scales, counting scales and many others. Floor scales can be used for wide purpose and it is especially designed to suit other increasing application needs. Producing more advance models of floor scales essentially means that these are coming up with more advanced features that will go with any need.

Before you choose any floor scale for your need, think of the important features that are critical while making the buying decision. Here are some of the vital features that you should look in the floor scale you are planning to buy for your specific application.

The scale should have the low profile design because it is very necessary to maintain good balance while using or operating it. It should be sturdy enough to handle anything and abusive handling. The safety tread deck should be equipped with anti-slip diamond pattern to reduce the risk of injuries. The inside mechanism should be confined with moisture proof junction boxes to let high-pressure wash. The scale must be moveable that you can bring anywhere. It is one of the types of areas of any floor scale and pre-fabricated lifting holes make transfer a breeze. And also it should have adjustable feet because corrosion resistant stainless steel helps maintain the essential balance.

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What's New in Floor Tile

The floor tile industry is seeing a dramatic shift from
traditional ceramic floor tile, wood flooring and marble
floor tile. The latest trend is metal tile and flooring that is
captivatingly original, colorful and rich in patterns.

Homeowners and retailers are using metal floor tile to
create impact areas that are dramatic and appealing to their
visitors. Google is using metal flooring in the lobby of
one of their buildings to create an unforgettable impression
of contemporary elegance.

The Overture keyword selector shows a rise in the use of
the search term "metal tile" from 5000 in October, 2005 to
23,000 in January, 2006 and it is still climbing.

Some may ask, "Why metal?" There are certain benefits
metal floor tile offers over traditional floor tile: it doesn't crack
or wear out, it reflects light in a way only metal can which
seems to animate from every angle and it definitely gets
people's attention.

The big splash metal made initially was in the
appliance industry from refrigerators to ovens creating a
elegant look that whispers quality . The floor tile industry is
now evolving with contemporary applications from original
metal accent tile designs to metal flooring planks,
complimenting kitchen and bath decor as well as public
and living areas in its quest for new products.

Charles Foster is the chief coatings formulator for all of the Carina Works Inc. metal tile and metal flooring products. His development of Carina Works' durable floor glaze enables any design and color on solid metal to be used as large flooring areas.

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