Saturday, 13 August 2011

Make Your Old Tile Floor Look New Again

If you have tile floors that are dated, you can paint them instead of tearing them up for cheap interior decorating. There are several ways that you can paint your tile floors inexpensively and quickly, using a variety of different paints. Before you put any paint on the tile floor, you need to prime the tiles first with primer paint. Primer paint will allow the paint to adhere to the tile.

If you have dark, dingy tiles, painting them is the inexpensive solution that will allow you to give your entire room a new look. After you have painted the tile floors, you can throw down an area rug or area rugs to even give it more color and pizzazz. You should make sure that you either use an enamel paint to paint the tile floors or use a gloss overcoat to enable you to keep the floors clean and the paint on the tile.

Here's some information to help you in choosing the paint - latex and enamel paints are two kinds of paint used for tile floors. Latex is less dangerous and is water soluble, while enamel paint is more toxic and has to be cleansed with a paint thinner or alcohol because of its fumes content. This kind takes longer to chip off, thus lasts longer. Latex paint should be covered with a gloss overcoat for protection and for long lasting quality. Using a gloss enamel paint can finish the job faster.

There is an option for painting other than with a brush - spray paint. This is faster and more efficient. With the aid of an enamel spray, you will have easy control on the surface, even the hard to reach ones, and you will have a more even paint application. Spray paint dries up quicker too, so no need to wait it out for hours. Just make sure that you have ventilation to let the air out. Even if this paint dries fast, give it ample time before putting down the area rugs.

If you want to change tile floors in the bathroom or the kitchen and want to make use of area rugs as well, choose those that have a secure hold by selecting heavy materials. This is to prevent slipping accidents, especially in the bathroom. There are rug guards used for securing rugs to the floor so it can't be moved about. This is a good preventive measure notably if you have kids at home.

Another alternative to rug guards are area rugs that are rubber backed. This kind sticks on well to the floor and is especially useful in the bathroom when water can make the floor extra slick. Protection is better than cure. Let's bear that in mind.