Monday, 10 August 2009

Cheap Hardwood Flooring Can Add Instant Value

With the housing market the way it is, now is the time to pick up housing at unbeatable prices. You might be a first time home owner or just looking to add a rental property to make a little extra cash; either way you cannot beat the price you will pay for a home right now. A lot of inexpensive homes might need just the right touch ups to get you in. It can start with the floors and right now there a lot of companies out there selling cheap hardwood floor.

You can get great deals on oak, birch, and pine in the present market.Although I prefer cheap hardwood flooring to anything else, you can get some unbelievable carpets right now, too. Carpets can give you the warmth that you are looking for in the cold winter months, but it will not be as durable as hardwoods. If you are looking to add warmth with hardwood flooring, you might want to consider just adding rugs or throws in areas where it is needed.

This can give you the extra appeal you are going for as well, for a relatively inexpensive price. These touches can add instant value to a home and draw in potential renters with the attractive look.If cheap hardwood flooring is not appealing to you, you might also consider laminate flooring. It is an even cheaper alternative that can be more durable than carpeting and give you the look of the oak or pine hardwood flooring.

This is great for that first time homeowner, when expenses can add up relatively quickly in a fixer upper. I believe you will be satisfied with the look that you get when you add a few rugs here and there. In all, it is probably the cheapest alternative and it still adds value.If you do plan to put in cheap hardwood flooring, you can add more appeal with a little slate or marble accents in areas such as entry ways or fireplaces. With small amounts, you are not having to add a lot to the cost and it can have a dramatic effect.

You might even want to consider an environmentally conscious choice in choosing cork flooring. Cork comes from trees that grow extremely quickly. This can give you a great look as well. Whatever way you choose, you cannot go wrong in this market. It is the perfect time to buy that house to make your home.

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