Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Natural Stone Flooring: Longevity And Durability At Its Best

Whether it is remodeling an existing home décor or furnishing a completely new home, whatever you do, you need to ensure sustenance of long lasting finish to every aspect of your home. It is an investment of a lifetime and if you plan to design it for generations to come you must make sure that you use state-of-the-art materials with excellent shelf-life. Flooring is one such aspect of home improvement that needs to be given a lot of significance since it is that part of the house that faces a lot of foot traffic along with other things that needs moving around. Flooring issues, if neglected, may cost a lot in the form of undue damages and expensive repairs. It is thus imperative to choose a type of flooring that can sustain all the rough-usage and yet look elegant and posh for years to come. This can be attained by the use of natural stone flooring.

Natural stone flooring is not new a concept to floorings of homes and places of business or even places of worship. The practice of using natural stone flooring traces many centuries back, only now technologies used to carve and polish these stones have evolved. Scientists have strived to come up with inexpensive versions of fake stone tiles but to no avail. Natural stone still constitutes the exquisite floors of some modern décor’s enhancing the overall interiors manifold. Among the natural stone floorings the ones that are much common are marble, granite, slate, limestone and travertine. Travertine and limestone are examples of sedimentary stone, granite is an example of igneous stone and slate and marble like stones fall into the metamorphic stone category.

Granite is a commonly used rather expensive form of flooring natural stone tile that is consists of quartz, orthoclase or microcline and mica that are also used in monuments and possess sovereign handsomeness and glamour. Similarly, marble and slate floor tiles trace back to the ages of palaces and castles that were endowed with the glorious polished surfaces of these exquisite pieces of rock. They get better with age if correctly maintained. There are a range of marble stones in breathtaking colors and textures. It has varied uses other than those in flooring as well. Marble used sculptures are also ravishingly beautiful. These natural stone floor tiles are best for homes that are situated in places featuring a tropical climate, since they tend to stay low in temperature and improve the interior temperature as well.

Unlike other flooring tiles maintenance of natural stone tiles are comparatively easier and there are not many factors that might possibly cause any form of deformity except for certain chemicals. Stains are also easily removed from these floors with the use of the appropriate solvents.

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