Sunday, 15 May 2011

Polished Concrete Floor: The Long-Lasting Floor Solution Available

When it comes to polished concrete floor there simply might be no other comparison. Unlike other flooring, concrete floor polishing does not require much equipment and can be done in no time. Moreover, the maintenance costs that tag along with polished concrete floor is almost nil. This undoubtedly becomes the reason why today concrete floor polishing is a must in every home and the most resorted option ever.

A single polishing on your concrete floor can save you a considerable amount of money for years to come. The money can be saved from electricity bills, low-maintenance, durability and less air pollution. Hence, say no to stripping and waxing on your floor, as all your allocated maintenance labor cost for waxing and stripping can now be eliminated easily.

The biggest attraction a highly finished floor is the shine it brings along. The reflective material of the concrete floor polish reflects natural light and makes your home look extremely glamorous. Concrete floor polish is often mistaken for marble due to its smooth and sleek surface. Polishing concrete is a relatively new idea that was inspired from traditional stone polishing technology. Thanks to technology today these polishes have various equipments that can do this process really easy.

Why should you choose polished concrete over other hardwood or carpets?

With so many options for flooring available in the market ranging from various material and color choices of bamboo, cork, wood and even carpet, choosing flooring can be quite easy. However, these flooring can be quite expensive and can also be a big headache when it wears off. This is the reason why people spend extensive amount of money to maintain their flooring. flooring with concrete on the other hand does not require such kind of extensive maintenance or even installation cost.

The base concrete after your construction can be left just like that and a little polishing over it can keep it durable for years to come. In the case of wooden flooring, maintenance is extensively high and replacement can be also quite difficult. Carpets on the other hand should be dealt very carefully for any stains and permanent marks, and if a hole appears on the carpet your all set to replace it.

The stain resistance and durability of polished concrete floors is unsurpassed in the market and its polishing is done for very cheap and causes zero waste. Hence, for those who are under a budget can surely opt for concrete floors and its polish.

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