Thursday, 20 October 2011

Wide Range Of Floor Plans Options For Your Home

Good floor plans can change overall look of your home. There are different floor plans to choose. While choosing a suitable style, you must take into consideration individual requirements and specific region of yours. You must rely on professionals for technical drawing of floor plans, elevations and the related things. In this article, we shall discuss about some of the floor plans, which you can consider.

1. Colonial Style of floor plans: This traditional style comes in rectangular shape. floor plans of this type are found in homes with barn roof and chimneys.

2. Floor plans with Conventional Ranch Style: The shape “L” characterizes House designs of these kinds. Bedrooms are arranged together in a single wing that is separated from the master bedroom in the main floor. The scope of these kinds of designs is limited in nature and is generally a storey high.

3. Traditional floor plans: Most of the houses in America have traditional floor plans. The design comes with a lot of grandeur. Interiors come with lot of space.

4. Contemporary floor plans: House plan come with plain exteriors. Some of the characteristics that make it unique include open floor layouts, play of levels. Contemporary floor plans come in asymmetrical designs and bold shapes. Glass, steel are some of the modern day materials used in the floor plans.

5. Floor plans with European Style: floor plans of this type derive inspiration from prevailing styles in Spain, France and England.

Apart from the categorization stated above, there is a different classification of home design plans that are stated below:

1. Single Storied floor plan: Construction and design of this kind requires high investment and more land to accommodate functions. All living areas come under a single level and there are no stairs inside the design. This design is highly suitable for those who find it difficult to climb stairs.

2. Double Storied floor plans: House designs of this kind come with two storied plans and accommodate same number of functions like the single storied structures.

3. Floor plans with Three Stories: This is quite similar to the two storied plans, with the only difference that it comes with another extra floor.

4. Floor plans with Multi Levels: In this kind of design, staircase is used for connecting different levels. Good floor plan has some characteristics of its own. One should not have problem navigating the available space. There should be sufficient scope for natural ventilation and day light to filter inside the house. This helps to reduce energy load on buildings.

These are some floor plan options for you to choose. You can get in touch with the architectural designers, who can help you choose the floor plan according to your taste, available space, and budget. You can browse online to find experienced architectural designers to help you find the appropriate floor plans to increase beauty and utility of the homes as well. Make sure to communicate all your requirements and considerations, so that you can realize your dream of the most beautiful house.

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