Monday, 23 January 2012

Are Tiles Suitable for a Bedroom Floor?

A friend of mine works as an interior designer for the rich and famous and I happened to mention that I needed to replace my bedroom carpet as it was a bit old and threadbare. He then told me that more and more people are opting for porcelain floor tiles in the bedroom. At first I thought this was pretty funny. I told my friend in no uncertain terms that I didn't want to sleep in a bathroom!

He then went on to convince me to look into it though as he had a solution for every objection I raised.

My main concern was the look of it. My previous comment about the bathroom still stuck with me, but he then went on to tell me about all the gorgeous new porcelain floor tiles you can get that look like marble or resemble natural stone. I have to say it's a good few years since I went shopping for tiles and I could only really picture the glossy small square bathroom wall tiles you used to get. My friend fired up his laptop and showed me some of the tiles you can get these days and I have to say they looked amazing and really there were tiles to suit any room at all, even a bedroom!

My next concern was safety. I'm not the most alert first thing in the morning and having to negotiate slippery floor tiles underfoot didn't seem like such a good idea. My friend assured me that you could get plenty of non-slip porcelain floor tiles. He reminded me of all the hotel bathrooms I'd used on my frequent business trips and he was right of course, they all had non-slip tiles on the floor.

Then my concern was that it would be cold. Floor tiles are great in summer, that's why they work so well in warm countries. I'm happy with terracotta floor tiles underfoot when I'm on holiday in Spain, but not in the UK. I want a warm cosy bedroom, not a cold one! Of course there was a simple solution to this objection too. Under floor heating. Apparently it works especially well under porcelain floor tiles as they warm up quickly then retain the heat well. He also suggested that if I wanted a cosier feel I could simply add some rugs.

There were some other good reasons to tile the bedroom floor that I hadn't thought of too. floor tiles are much more hygienic than carpet. They simply don't harbour dust and germs like a carpet does. Tiles are also much easier to keep clean and they are a lot more hard wearing than carpet so it would mean a much longer time before I'd have to replace the flooring again, so it would also probably work out pretty economical. So anyway after all these facts he convinced me to give it a try. I could always lay a carpet on top if I hated it, and I have to say I actually love my tiled bedroom floor. The underfloor heating is amazing; it's so warm and cosy on the coldest of winter days. I'm really glad I chose this option now.

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