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How To Properly Care Bamboo Floor

There are many kinds of materials that for producing flooring cover, they cloud be wood, vinyl, rubber, etc. Bamboo is also one of the materials that home owner use as flooring materials because bamboo provides soft feeling when you step on it. More importantly bamboo floor will make your room looks clean and give natural atmosphere as well as pleasant look. However, bamboo floor need intensive care because bamboo is very sensitive to condition around them so that’s why they are not very popular among home owner. However, with its advantages, if you can maintain them properly, bamboo floor is good kind of material that used as flooring materials.

Firstly, be careful of dust. Bamboo floor will look unpleasant even though there is just a little amount of dust on the floor. The most suitable way we can reduce amount of dust on bamboo floor is to provide mat at the doorway, so visitor can clean their shoes and feet before entering the room. However, you have to make sure that you choose a good quality mat and it must be well in dust catching and the mat should also be cleaned easily. Buy a mat that is able to catch some extra agent like oil will be very useful because the ordinary type of mat could not sweep oil stain that your visitor may bring from outside. The other important thing about dust mat is you have to clean the mat as often as you can. It will be wasted if you have a good quality mat but you never clean it or clean it not often enough. Imagine that if you not clean the mat often, dust will accumulated in the mat and when new visitor step on the mat, they will bring dust back into the room and of course, it is not good for your bamboo floor.

Secondly are the types of shoes that you wear. Some types of shoes are not friendly with bamboo floor as they will make a lot of scratch to the floor. Especially high-heels shoes, boots, and shoes with cleats, these type shoes and make extreme damage to the bamboo floor. In case if you must walk on bamboo floor with these shoes. In order to reduce damage that may happened to the floor, you have to check carefully whether you have small piece of rocks, pebbles stick on the shoes, if so, you have to get rid of them all before entering the room.

Thirdly, in case there are some stains, spills on the floor, you have to clean them as quickly as you can. If you leave these spills too long, they will be very difficult to clean. Moreover, use only a lightly damp mop or soft cloth to clean your bamboo floor using too wet mop the floor will make the floor has exceed moisture and eventually cause fungus on the bamboo texture and this is very difficult to clean.

Fourthly, protect the floor from scratch made by heavy furniture. Texture of bamboo is soft so they are very sensitive. In order to protect bamboo floor from scratch, you have to place protective pads at the bottom of all furniture that used in the room. However, again, you have to make sure that all pads are always in good condition. Avoid dragging heavy furniture on bamboo floor, although you have already installed protective pads on them because the weight of furniture some may cause scratches.

Last but not least, you have to clean bamboo floor according to the manufacturer’s suggestion, which generally you must not use wax or non-alkaline floor cleaning products and they most important thing is you have to keep the floor free from water and moisture, which can generate fungus on the floor.

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