Friday, 6 March 2009

Your Guide on Using Laminate Flooring With an Underfloor Heating System

Under floor heating is growing in popularity as a great way to heat your home evenly and effectively. Not only does an under floor heating system free up valuable wall space in smaller homes, but it is economical to run and inexpensive to install. Under floor heating is also more effective as a heating option as heat rises, so why not allow it to emanate from the floor and up into your rooms naturally?

The great part about under floor heating is that it is invisible and it can be installed under almost every type of floor covering, including carpets, tiles, timber and laminate flooring. Not only does this give you more space but it allows you to remove bulky or unsightly heaters and also gives you a more even quality of heat that rises gently from the floor.

Anyone wanting to install under floor heating in a home should be aware that your floor needs to be insulated properly so that the heat can flow up into the room rather than down. Floor heating can be one of the most comfortable ways to heat your home, gently warming your home throughout. Under floor insulation doesn't need to be thick and bulky, in fact more modern solutions to under floor insulation are only millimetres thick.

Carbon heating film designed to be installed as an under floor system beneath laminate flooring is an extremely effective heating system, so you could completely replace unsightly radiators or other noisy, draughty heating solutions.

The ingenious basis behind the carbon under floor heating system is the successful implementation of several components. A thin specially-made insulation layer is installed on your floors first, followed by installing the carbon elements. A moisture barrier is then laid to protect both the carbon elements and your laminate flooring. These combined components are no more than a few millimetres thick and are designed to replace the usual underlay that would normally be laid beneath laminate flooring. You control your under floor heating system by way of a digital thermostat so you can control the ambient temperature in your rooms with a push of a button.

The amazing design of the heating element means that it can be cut to suit any room and even be laid around corners. The only restriction you have is that you can't cut the heating element itself, but the mat that forms the structure of the heating system can be shaped to suit your room size.

You can install your heating system on either timber or concrete flooring easily, so along with the stunning finish of your timber laminate flooring makes your home the perfect low maintenance home. Under floor carbon laminate heating systems don't require maintenance every season like other heaters and your laminate flooring is very easy to care for.

Timber laminate under floor heating systems are incredibly energy efficient and can be very economical to run compared with other heating units and are completely silent when operating. These systems are highly recommended for asthma sufferers or those afflicted by allergies.

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