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Cork Flooring, the Resilient Advantage

Cork Flooring: The resilient advantage Cork flooring products are mainly viewed as an earth-friendly flooring choice because no trees are harmed in the making of these earth-friendly floors, but being a green flooring option is not the only advantage of floors made from cork. Floors made from cork are also known for their "giving" nature. Cork offers the user the look of a hard surface floor with a much softer and warmer feel to them than many hard surfaces floors. Cork is often used in kitchen spaces due to the fact that dishes and glasses have a much better chance of surviving a fall. People also like a cork floor in the kitchen area because a knife dropped with point down may stick into the floor, but it will not cause any permanent damage as cork is known to "self-heal".

Self-healing may sound like something out of an X-Men movie, but in the case of cork flooring it simply means the cork part of the floors will go back to its original form. The resilient nature of cork also comes into play if there are small children around who are prone to falling. A nice soft cork floor is a much better option for a falling child then a hard ceramic tile floor. Here are some examples of Cork Flooring prices and colors.

Cork is also good for uses in places where people will be standing for long periods of time. A properly constructed cork floor is much gentler on the leg joints of a person who needs to stand for long periods of time making it a perfect flooring choice for work rooms, artist studios or children's playrooms. Another great property for floors made from cork is the fact that when a heavy item like a armoire or a large sofa is removed the indentation that formed will slowly return to the original smooth, cork surface. If a consumer tried that with a carpet they would have to work to get the indentation out of their carpet.

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