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Best Reclaimed Flooring Options: Antique Heart Pine, Oak and Douglas Fir

Reclaimed flooring is the most affordable and stylish flooring option available to homeowners nowadays. Interior decorators and home design experts always recommend reclaimed wood flooring because they add beauty and grandeur to your floors. The warm worn beauty of antique lumber on your floor is quite attractive and appealing to the eye.

The Internet is the best place to find reclaimed wood flooring deals. There are some good online shops that sell reclaimed wood furniture and offer affordable flooring options to their customers. They have a wide variety of wood options for flooring, including vintage and antique flooring. The wood used in vintage flooring is salvaged from reclaimed timbers, decking and joints to create a coveted vintage appeal to your home. Both antique and vintage wood floor have a wide range of reclaimed wood options to choose from. These include Heart Pine, Antique Oak, Douglas fir, Elm, Hickory and Barn flooring.

Types of Antique Wood Flooring

While there are many types of antique wood options, Heart Pine, Antique Oak and Douglas fir are some of the best reclaimed wood candidates to adorn your floors.

Antique Heart Pine:
The antique heart pine is known for its elegance and style. This flooring option is free from any imperfections or knots as it is characterized by its "perfect" grain pattern. This reclaimed flooring option comprises of decayed resistant premium heartwood and comes in variety of shades, including splendid red and amber hues. The timbers are usually available quarter-saw and not flat-sawn. You will have to buy the product in widths from 3" to 7".

Antique Oak
Antique oak is simply reclaimed oak flooring, which is a mix of northern Red and White Oak. It is also known as thoroughbred reclaimed Kentucky oak flooring. Very few online shops sell this type of antique wood flooring. The name is derived from an equestrian farm in central Kentucky where a large oak fence surrounded the farm. The wood salvaged from the oak fence is used for flooring and furniture.

Rustic Douglas Fir:
This antique reclaimed flooring option is full of rustic character and is characterized by saw marks and nail holes, making it look as antique as any other reclaimed wood. The rustic Douglas fir is actually reclaimed wood salvaged from many areas, including grain elevators in the eastern Montana prairies. The specialty of rustic Douglas lies in its name. It gives a rustic floor and a great antique look. Hence it can be an ideal choice for your wood flooring option.

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