Friday, 29 April 2011

Update Your Home With Flooring Wholesale

Nothing completes the home quite like beautiful flooring. It brings the home together and can offer more flexibility in terms of decorating or expanding a room. If you're interested in updating your home with hardwood floors or carpeting, purchasing wholesale may be an option for you. By shopping for flooring wholesale, you reap the benefits of quality flooring selections at lower prices. Shopping online offers the greatest selection, which means you can choose between a variety of flooring options, as well as the color, style and level of quality.

At first glance, shopping for flooring wholesale may seem to be the most economical option for your home. While this is often the case, there are also other costs to factor in that will drive up the total price of your project. For example, prices don't include shipping and handling, which can sometimes cost almost as much as the flooring itself. Also, when purchasing wholesale flooring, you may be sent the floor selection in bulk, which means you'll have to do the work yourself. Saving on the cost of labor from an outside company certainly has its advantages, but you'll need to know how to do the labor on your own.

With laminate flooring, doing the work yourself is a viable option. Most styles of laminate use a snap-and-lock installation process that involves snapping the pieces together. Others use an adhesive that is moistened and then sticks the boards together. Purchasing laminate flooring wholesale is a great way to save on the cost of flooring, while being able to install the wooden boards yourself. Although solid wood is a bit trickier to install, some selections can be installed on their own as well.

With carpeting, the installation process is more difficult and includes lots of cutting and precise fittings underneath the base boards. Carpeting can also be difficult to ship, as the weight is very heavy and can drive up the total cost of your flooring project. Fortunately, buying carpet flooring wholesale comes at an extreme value, which means you can get your materials for a modest cost. If you don't know how to install carpeting, consider hiring a contractor on an individual. This will be less expensive than going through a carpet company and also give a private contractor work.

To shop for wholesale flooring, the internet is your best tool. By searching online, you can compare prices and shipping costs, finding the best value for your money. Be sure to keep quality in mind, as manufacturing companies are vague on the quality of their flooring selections. For example, laminate comes in many styles and the thicker the boards, the better class it is. It will be more durable, resistant to scratches and nicks, and also have a wood-like sound when walking on it. Cheaper selections will be thin and have a hollow sound, one of the staples of traditional laminate floors.

With carpeting, there are two construction types: Cut pile and loop pile. With cut pile, the carpeting has a smooth and even look to it and is available in a wide selection of colors. Higher end carpets will hide footprints and vacuum marks, as well as be thick and feature longer pieces of carpet. If possible, request a sample from the wholesale company to determine the quality level. Peel back the carpeting to see how hard it is to get to the backing, as this will determine its density.

Loop pile carpets on the other hand, loop together the strands of carpet, giving it a unique look. Berber is an example of a loop pile carpet and this type of flooring is strong and durable, a great choice for high traffic areas. While loop pile carpets aren't available in as many color selections, there's still a broad natural color palette to choose from.

When you've determined the right flooring wholesale company to work with, you can order your flooring selection in bulk quantities. You'll need the square footage of the entire room and remember to overestimate, as wholesale flooring can be discontinued at any time and isn't available in small "extra" quantities. Most companies will have a minimum square footage you can purchase. If you're lucky and have a wholesale retailer in your area, check with the company to see if you can pick up the flooring to save on shipping costs.

Overall, buying wholesale flooring is an excellent choice for updating the home without spending a lot of money. This option is especially helpful for do-it-yourself homeowners on a budget.

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