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Is Under-Floor Heating Hard To Install Beneath A Hardwood Floor?

Thermatec electric under-floor heating system is suitable for most types of wooden flooring.

Normal methods of installing electric under floor heating systems in rooms with wooden or laminate flooring involved using cable systems covered with difficult to use and time consuming liquid floor screeds These tend to be messy and extend the installation time and costs because of drying and curing times. They are also far less efficient than Thermatec as they need to be run at a far higher temperature.

Flexible carbon heating film is the ideal solution for providing an economic electric under floor heating solution for a variety of floor coverings. Flexible carbon heating film is ultra thin, strong, and is a completely dry lay system for heating under laminate or timber floating wood flooring.

Flexible electric carbon heating film is supplied Made to measure to fit your room exactly. At Birbek, we use three different widths (400mm, 530mm and 1003mm) and design the layout using C.A.D. to ensure every part of the floor area is covered. All wiring connections are made in our factory so that the heating mat can be laid, and the wood floor fitted long in advance of the electrician providing the 230V mains connection. This makes a considerable saving in time and money. It also means you do not have to invest in crimps, presses or heat shrink tape to complete the installation.

Installation of carbon heating film requires no previous experience. Installation is completely dry and is simply a matter of It can be laid upon most concrete or timber sub-floors when used in conjunction with the correct Depron thermal insulation.

Flexible carbon heating element is less than 1mm thickness Even with the recommended floor insulation layer of closed cell polystyrene the floor build-up is only 6.5mm. This avoids potential problems with skirting boards and door thresholds.

Carbon heating elements are super reliable, safe and robust. They come without any moving parts, so they are completely maintenance free. Brands of carbon heating film like Ecofilm from Flexel International are fully approved to the relevant electrical safety standard IEC60335-2-96 and comply with the 17th Edition electrical wiring regulations. Ecofilm and Thermatec heating elements come with a 10-year guarantee.

The heating film can be used as an effective direct acting radiant heating system. It can be used as a substitute for traditional convector radiators by providing primary heat or just be used to warm a cool floor surface and provide background heat.

Flexel Carbon Heating Element has become a firm favorite with installers and users because it is simple and economic to install and efficiently creates gentle under-foot warmth that heats the entire room. This means leaving no overheated or cold spots.

It ensures clean balanced heat distribution at the lowest possible temperature, resulting in high user comfort levels and improved economy. The heating is totally safe, even under wood floors,its radiated heat provides overall warmth and comfort without the usual dust carrying convective air currents of conventional radiator systems.

This form of heating is easily controlled by room thermostats and is particularly suited to new build, extensions, hard-to-heat areas, conservatories, hallways, kitchens and bedrooms. It becomes invaluable in many other locations where the absence of radiators is a distinct space-saving advantage.

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