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Use Floor Candle Holders For Impact

For years alter candles were found in homes and churches on the alters, thus their name. Over time their popularity dwindled until they were completely off the radar scale. But recent years have seen a new version of these holders. Use floor candle holders for décor impact!

The difference between a floor candle holder and an alter candle holder isn't that much. Designs are often more modern and trendy although some reproductions are available too and many are larger. Rather than holding a single candle they might hold 6 or a dozen. You also have all the holders for different types of candles including tapered, pillars, and tea lights, and votives.

Because of their size these style of holders have terrific impact if placed correctly. So where are good places? Well let's have a look.

1. Entrance
If you have a foyer or entrance that has plenty of floor space a holder on each side of door way can look great. If your entrance has a hall bench place a single on each side of the bench or place a multi in the corner.

2. Living Room
Mantle place? One large single on each side. A corner you need to do something with? Choose a 5 foot wrought iron pillar candelabra for the corner. Place an contemporary vase and silk flowers at the base.

3. Bedroom
A great choice for a master bedroom is a holder on each side of the bed. Choose a style that meets your bedroom style. Queen Anne then choose accordingly. Modern - choose to compliment.

4. Bathroom
You can even use a floor holder in your bathroom, especially if you have open spaces. It can add a real finishing touch.

5. Den
A den is generally a very personal room with a real personal touch and that's one of the reasons using a floor holder can be a lot of fun. With so many choices you can pick “the one" that you love and that suits your room. This is generally the room with the least restrictions.

Floor candle holders are available in many material choices. Wrought iron is very popular as is brass, and other metals such as pewter, aluminum, silver, sterling, and even stainless are readily available.

Pottery is another popular choice. You can buy pieces produced by a manufacturer or you can get that exceptional piece by purchasing an artisan piece. These are always fabulous one of kinds.

Wood is also available and an excellent choice if it matches your décor. You can easily change the color just by staining or painting. It will last forever and is virtually unbreakable so will

And finally there is porcelain. Although not commonly found in modern pieces if you looking at vintage pieces you are likely to find some beautiful porcelain holders. Don't be surprised if they have damage. Porcelain is fragile and having it last years in itself is a real bonus but very often these holders have been broken and repaired.

Floor candle holder will give your room impact. So why not go shopping online and find the perfect ones for your room?

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