Tuesday, 10 February 2009

What is a Floor Sink?

A floor sink is more or less a drain that is placed into the middle of the floor. While it is not actually a sink that is in the floor, it does allow water to flow through, and is more like a bathtub or shower drain than a sink. You can not get water out of a floor sink, nor do they have handles and spouts. They are simply there for the purpose of draining water, not getting water.

Floor sinks are mostly found in public areas. You will often see a floor sink in a public restroom, or maybe even in the kitchen area of a restaurant. This is because these places are more likely to flood, or be over flown with water. The sink that act as a drain, is then placed into the floor, to allow any water to flow through so that there will be minimum damage from over flown things, and water all over the floor.

You will also notice that when you see a floor sink in a public place, it is often sunk in lower into the floor, and maybe even the floor will have a slight tilt towards to it. This is to ensure that if anything was to over flow, and flood with water that the water would drain out of this sink. This is a great way to ensure that any water that does end up on the floor will not damage it.

While many people have never heard of the drain in the floor called a floor sink, it is actually referred to as many things. This is just one of the things that you can call it when you are looking for one to purchase.

If you have a floor sink in a public place, you will want to be sure that it is kept clean so that it will not become clogged. Doing this will ensure that it will do the job it was put there to do, and you will not have a bigger mess on your hands. These sinks can be found in many places, most of the home improvement centers carry them, and you can even search online for one.

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