Tuesday, 19 May 2009

7 Tips to Tile Floors Successfully

Building your new house and floor is something you want to be special? Just think of tiles. It is not impossible or really tough to get nice finish in tiles. You can achieve a great of floor with tiles completing a great look of your dream home. But this is not Child's play either, few things you need to follow to get a great finish in floors, and this article is going to describe you that.

Firstly you need to plan about the way you want the floor to be. You can take paper and scale and draw down the design you want. Note down the measurements of the room and also the tiles, and calculate how many tiles actually you need. This way you can avoid buying extra tiles and save money, but buy few extra as backup I case the tiles which are to be used get broken

You need to make sure that the floor surface is rock solid and even in nature. If the floor surface remains soft, a chance of tiles being broken will be there. And same may happen if the floor surface is not even. The tile may get cracked, and you will need to replace it, if you see the floor in not a good condition then first put cement on the floor to make it solid and even, so that your tiles remain safe.

Before setting up the tiles clean up the whole floor, make sure that there is no water or oil or anything that may cause problem while you try to set tiles on the floor with adhesive.

Start from the center and go forward towards the wall. Whatever design you want to make it in center, and use those cut tiles o the edge near the wall.

First you can do the laying of whole tiles, when the time to set the cut tiles comes, go and call to a professional tile cutter, it will save your time and give your work more perfection. Fewer amounts of tiles will be wasted with a smoother finish. You can first test your floor first if it is safe for your tiles.

You can try with plywood, and check if it is even and the tiles will not break after you lay them on the floor.

Do not forget to seal the joints, otherwise dirt and water will go inside and make the tiles loose.

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