Saturday, 16 May 2009

Pergo Accolade Flooring - Premium Features That Add Value and Style to Your Home

Pergo is the most trusted name in laminate flooring. Since it first introduced its products to North America in 1994, Pergo has remained one of the leading brands and the laminate flooring of choice for tens of thousands of consumers. Their Accolade line reflects the best technology and features available in laminate, and is becoming a favorite among homeowners.

Pergo Accolade Flooring- The Advantage of Premium Features and Durable Beauty

Pergo Accolade flooring has many premium features that make it an attractive option for do-it-yourselfers. Its attached underlayment makes installation a one-step process by eliminating the need to put down a foam pad under the planks or tiles. It also provides cushioning and minimizes the hollow sound that sometimes accompanies floating floors. Accolade can be installed over plywood, concrete, or floor coverings. Its snap-and-lock assembly makes it ideal for quick and easy installation.

Pieces fit together seamlessly, so that dirt and dust do not collect in grooves and water can't get underneath and swell the inner core. Pergo Accolade flooring is also resistant to fading, scratches, dents and heat. The 8mm high density inner core is made of an HDF material for superior durability. With its combination of premium features, Accolade offers the best in laminate flooring for today's homeowner.

Another advantage to purchasing Pergo Accolade is the value for the money. Accolade is guaranteed not to fade over time, so you will never be able to tell where the rug was or worry about pulling the shades when the sun gets bright. Since it maintains its good looks for years, Accolade, unlike its cheaper counterparts, will most likely be the last floor you ever have to install.

Pergo Accolade Flooring Adds Value To Your Home

Since it is a premium laminate, made using high pressure construction and quality materials, Pergo Accolade flooring holds up to serious wear and tear. Its special Lustergard surface protects its shine and keeps it looking new for years. When you choose this high-quality laminate floor, you are truly making an investment in your home. This adds value, beauty and function that guests and potential buyers will appreciate.

The investment in Pergo Accolade flooring is a wise one, as it ultimately saves time and money over the long run. These durable floors stand up to even heavy traffic and provide lasting beauty for years. Unlike cheaper laminate flooring, Accolade will not need to be replaced often (if at all) because its features are made to extend the life of the floor. With a wide variety of styles and patterns to choose from, Pergo Accolade flooring combine function with timeless beauty.

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