Saturday, 2 May 2009

How To Apply A Garage Floor Sealer

A good garage floor sealer protects it from road salt, dirt, grime and dust. It also makes it easier to sweep and prevent stains. If you want to paint the floor then it acts as an excellent primer as well. There are some supplies that you will need if tackling this job yourself. You will need a garden hose with a nozzle, a large paint tray, a good paintbrush, a stiff bristled brush and a bucket, a concrete degreaser and cleaner, a long handled paint roller and painters tape.

Your first step in applying the garage floor sealer is to scrub the floor with a commercial concrete cleaner and a degreaser. Then hose it down so there is no cleaner remaining. If there are any areas that are stained then you will need to allow the cleaner to soak for as long as thirty minutes. For areas that have tougher to remove stains, you will need to repeat these steps.

Once it has dried, put the garage floor sealer in your large paint tray. Cut in along the perimeter by brush and then the remainder of the floor is rolled with a paint roller and a medium nap roller is best for this job. Work your way backwards out the garage so you are not trapped in a corner. Do not leave any puddles; however make sure you apply the sealer quite generously. This type of product will stain so make sure you apply it carefully and avoid getting it on other areas.

As the garage floor sealer is drying, it is a good idea to clean your tools with warm soapy water so they do not harden. You do not need to apply a second coat. A floor without a proper sealant will deteriorate quite rapidly because things like road salt and grease and oil can cause damage within a couple of years. Waterproofing is another good piece of preventive maintenance.

A garage floor sealer cannot be applied over top of any other type of coating. If you want to paint the floor then do so after the application of the protective coating because it acts as a primer. Some people like to use a simple grey paint but others prefer brighter colors. One thing to note is that you must make sure product used is suitable to be painted over. Once all the coats are applied, you will have a well-protected floor.

The best garage floor sealer is an acrylic based substance however, there are others that may contain chemicals, which, could be harmful if they have been exposed to your skin or even vapors that are hazardous to inhale. It is best to wear protective clothing such as Kevlar gloves, eye protection and a face mask. Read the label directions carefully. Wait twenty-four hours after applying before painting. Most hardware or home centers offer different types of products to give you what you are looking for at different price levels. Anyone who has a garage or concrete floored workshop should protect it properly.

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