Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Anderson Flooring Versus Laminate

Hate laminate? You are not alone. So does The Anderson Company. Anderson hates laminate for good reason - it's in the business of producing beautifully polished, hardwearing hardwood floors. Laminates fake the appearance of wood, at the expense of misled consumers who have no idea of the many benefits they are missing out on.

Not Anderson.

The company originally collaborated with the U.S Navy; and it's first innovation was a method for devising plywood so flexible and strong it can be used for boat hulls. After the company came up with parquet blocks that can be fitted over concrete (a feat that was unheard of in the day), it started producing full-length planks that performed just as well as parquet under damp conditions, and are equally durable. From there, the company perfected its construction of engineered floors.

Enter Anderson flooring.

Hardwearing and effortlessly beautiful, Anderson flooring is famous for being produced under one of the tightest quality standards in the industry. Anyone who has ever used the material can easily distinguish it from the other names on the market. Why? Well, the company uses solid oak core, instead of softer woods. And, while solid oak is much more expensive, it's also more durable and is exceptionally harder. The difference pays off because in a Janka Ball Hardness Test, the company's planks beat oak lumber in all meters but one.

So the next time you get any renovation or construction work done, skip laminate. Why fake it when you can easily get the real thing? With Anderson flooring, you get real hard wood that's soft on the pocket.

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