Saturday, 20 June 2009

What Type of Flooring Would Be Perfect For Your Home?

There are many choices when it comes to flooring for your home. You can choose from carpeting, rugs, hardwood floors, laminate, and tile. The style you pick depends largely on your personality and the room it will go in as there are advantages and disadvantages to each.

Carpeting is a great, traditional flooring choice for any home. It's great because it can have a lot of your personality. There's different styles, like shag, and it comes in any color under the sun. Carpet is also soft and inviting, making it wonderful in a bedroom or living room. Carpet, however, can be very difficult to clean and maintain. You'll need to vacuum often and shampoo the carpet when it becomes dirty. Too bad a stain and it may have to be replaced. Carpet obviously is a bad choice for kitchens and bathrooms where water damage and spills will destroy it.

Hardwood floors are all-around a great choice for homes. They're durable, easy to clean and easy to install. They look wonderful in any room. The main disadvantage of hardwood floors can be the price, although it's usually worth it considering the long-lasting quality.

Rugs are a nice way to accent the floors in your home and can be laid down over hardwood, tile or carpet beautifully. Rugs at plenty of personality and can accent a room, adding charm, warmth or sophistication. Rugs also help to cover up damage on the floor underneath, such as stains. They're also fairly affordable.

Laminate floors are becoming very popular and can be ordered to look just like authentic hardwood floors or tile. Laminate floors are affordable, very easy to lay down and can give the look of a more expensive floor. They're also very easy to maintain. The downside of laminate floors is they don't last very long.

Tile floors, lastly, are great in bathrooms because they won't be damaged by water and are easy to mop up.

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