Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Bamboo Flooring Pros and Cons - The Advantages and Disadvantages

Due to its charming appeal bamboo flooring is rapidly becoming popular. Bamboo flooring looks more attractive due to the presence of marks created at the nodes of the bamboos which have a bit darker color than other parts. Though bamboo flooring can be a great choice for many people, it always pays to study the advantages and disadvantages associated with them before you go for one.

Points in favor of bamboo flooring:

Tough and long lasting : Even though bamboo is not solid due to the hole inside, it is quite sturdy and tough. Compared to other hardwoods bamboo is tougher. It does not wear out easily and scratches and holes are not easily created on bamboos.

Damp proof : Bamboo does not absorb moistures and spills can not damage it easily. As such for the floors of kitchens and bathrooms it is preferred to other hardwoods.

Nature friendly : Use of bamboos is quite preferable from the point of view of nature friendliness. The trees from which we obtain hardwoods take almost 50 to 100 years to mature while a mature bamboo can be obtained within 5 to 7 years. Moreover bamboos can be grown to get regular supply of it thereby saving a lot of trees in the nature from being cut.

Can be cleaned easily : Bamboo floors can be kept clean without much effort just by sweeping daily and using a mop once in a week.

Arguments against bamboo flooring : Floating of bamboo floors sometimes turns out to be almost impossible as such before installation of bamboo flooring the restrictions associated with it must be studied.

Some people have witnessed that bamboo floors break down quite easily than other hardwood floor. Before you go for bamboo flooring you must consider its pros and cons so that you can make a well thought out decision.

However, the people who use bamboo floors have generally found that bamboo hardwood floors can be kept cleaned easily, can be installed easily and are eye-catching and tougher than other hardwood flooring materials. Bamboo floors are being preferred by more and more people as they last quite longer than other hardwood floors. The number of people opting for bamboo hardwood flooring is rising day by day and this trend is expected to continue in future.

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