Friday, 17 July 2009

Floor Tiles - How to Effectively Install Them

If your house is new or is under renovation, you will definitely need to install new tiles for your floor to give it a fresh and elegant look. And a well-planned design and good installation have an important part in completing this project. Think about this, you may spend large sum of money for buying tiles with nice designs, however, if you installed them incorrectly, they will just look cheaper than they are really worth. So, you really have to pay extra attention with installing your floor tiles at home.

If you want to achieve the best look for your home, keep these things in mind when installing floor tile:

1. Be sure that you have a rough draft of the tiling pattern to use. When preparing the rough draft, use the actual dimensions of the tiles and the area to be tiled. After you have estimated the required number of tiles needed, add a few more in case there will be breakage during the installation process.

2. Next, make certain that the area to be tiled is clean. You can also level the floor first by cementing the floor. Leveling the floor will avert any tile breakage when they are already in place. Or another option to level the floor is to place plywood on the floor and then mount the tiles on them.

3. Once you have set everything up and you're ready to lay the tiles, begin in the middle of the room and continue laying the tiles down in the direction of the walls.

4. When you realized that the tile is too big to fit in a particular space, you can simply cut them using a tile cutter.

Lastly, after you have laid all the tiles, you must seal all the joints between the floor tiles. This will prevent stains and dirt from getting in the tile spaces. If you will follow these tips, you will definitely achieve your desired look for that particular space.

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