Saturday, 18 July 2009

Tips to Keep Your Bamboo Floor Clean and Beautiful Forever

Once we install a bamboo floor in our home or office, the next thing to think about is how to keep it clean. Compared to traditional wooden floor, bamboo floor takes very less effort to keep it maintained. However, one should know how to keep the beauty and strength of the floor intact for a long time with little effort. The main issues associated with the cleaning of bamboo floor are dust, shoe-marks, stains and scratches. There are several types of cleaning equipment and agents available for cleaning the floor.

Even a little bit of dust on the floor affects the beauty and glow of the floor. Especially, if the floor is of dark color, dust particles are easily visible. Therefore, it is very essential to remove the dust from time to time. People should always keep door-mat, clean the mat regularly and try to keep the floor dry. Even a little moisture on the floor leads the dust to stay there only and eventually leave dirty marks.

The second factor responsible for making dirt and scratches on the floor are the shoes. Some types of shoes are not suitable for wearing on bamboo floor. Some shoes with the design on the bottom for extra grip may lead to accumulation of dirt and mud inside the sole. High-heels shoes leave scratch marks on the floor, which is the dirtiest mark and can not be removed. To avoid any damage to our bamboo floor we have to ensure than our shoes are either removed outside or properly cleaned before entering the floor.

Stain is the next big issue, which may damage the floor if not taken care of at a right time. Any kind of stain should be removed at a sight with the help of specialty equipment and a stain removing solution suitable for bamboo floor. We should use soft clothe or a little wet mop to clean such stains otherwise cleaning vigorously with a hard substance may only end up leaving scratch marks on the floor making it look even dirtier.

When it comes to the scratches on the floor, furniture plays an important role. Moving heavy furniture here and there carelessly is an invitation to big, ugly scratches on the floor. We should try to avoid unnecessary movements of the tables and sofas to keep the problem away in the first instance. Or if we find moving furniture as a part of cleaning, then we can put small piece of a pad or cardboard or have furniture with small wheels so that they can easily slide without harming the floor.

Ultimately, we need to follow the instructions given by the supplier for proper cleaning of the floor using proper equipment and solutions. We should strictly avoid some cleaning agents like wax or non-alkaline cleaners to keep our bamboo floor clean and even more beautiful forever.

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