Friday, 24 October 2008

Benefits of a Floor Buffer

Some common features found on floor buffers include washing, shampooing, cleaning and drying of the floor, with the end result being a floor that looks clean, bright and new. These machines perform the same work in minutes that it would normally take hours to do if you were to do it manually. Polishing and scrubbing of the floor can now be done by just pressing a button. Floor buffers can also erase unwanted scratches and marks from the floor.

Floor buffers basically consist of a tank which is filled with a neutral cleaner, and pads which are used for cleaning, scrubbing and mopping the floor. The first process using the scrubbing pads is cleaning and polishing, this gives the floor a shiny glaze. The next process is the floor finishing, this provides protection to the floor and helps it resist bruising. The final steps include touchup of scuff marks and scratches, then you finish with the buffing of the floor. If your floor is made of ceramic tile I suggest you use a heavy duty cleaner for best results.

There are numerous makes and models of floor buffers from which to choose from, each providing a variety of features and accessories. You will also notice a large variety of prices. If you are considering a floor buffer you may want to ask yourself a few questions: What type of floor will I primarily be cleaning? How often will I be cleaning? Do I really need feature x or y? Can I justify the added expense associated with those features? Use this information as a starting point for your research, continue with visiting local retailers or by using the internet.

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