Sunday, 26 October 2008

How to Check the Installation Work of Laminate Flooring?

Many people like laminate flooring installed in their house. But they don't know to check the installer's work. Below are some ways to check the installation work.

1. The inspection should be done after 2 days since the installation is finished as this is the first time for each floor plank to work with others. They need time to work well to with others well. Also laminate flooring is a floating type. The floor planks need time to expand.

2. The accessory under the door should not prevent the door from "working" freely.

3. There should be no big noise such as creaking when people walk the floor.

4. The locking system of each plank of floor plank should work with each other well. The surface of floor should be even. There should be no big white line at the joint. The gap at the joint should be no more than 0.18mm. The plank should not push up at the joint, especially at the short side.

5. There should be no dirt, glue and big scratch on the surface. There should be no plumping problem or damage with the plank.

6. The accessories should have covered the gap between 2 floor areas or the gap between laminate floor and other type of floor covering materials such as ceramic tile. The accessories should be tightened. The cap of screw for the accessories should not be out of the surface of accessories. The gap between wall and floor should be between 8mm and 11mm. The accessory such as skirting or quarter round between wall and floor should not prevent the floor from floating freely.

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