Saturday, 25 October 2008

Floor Plan - Making an Informed Purchase

An architectural rendering or architectural drawing or architectural illustration, is the artwork of an architecture illustrator, architect, web designer or multimedia designer with the purpose of representing proposed design of an architectural structure. Using architectural rendering allows you to visualize a structure with basic layout of windows and doors.

Generally, an architectural rendering includes the following:

• Floor plan, 3D house plan

• Interior architectural renderings

• Architectural renderings of apartments and condos

• Exterior architectural renderings

• Photomontage architectural renderings

• 3D visualization and architectural visualization

• Walkthroughs or flythrough

• Animated architectural illustration

Floor Plan: A floor plan shows all the interior, exterior walls and partitions with each wall and window location.

Benefits of a Floor Plan

1. The ability to view the property in an animated format can avoid so much wasted time. Viewing a Floor plan can assist you in deciding if a property is worth a view. Home owners use plans when considering the potential of bathrooms or extensions.

2. Providing a floor plan to prospective buyers helps them make quick and better decisions at every stage of the sale.

3. Plans help them quickly identify which properties are of most interest to them.

4. A floor plan can clarify homes special features.

5. If a potential purchaser wants some alterations, a floor plan can help evaluate the feasibility of any options.

Floor Plans are available in a range of choices including:

1. Beach house plans

2. Country style house plans

3. Luxury house floor plans

4. Victorian style house plans

5. Ranch style house plans

6. Log home floor plans

7. Farm style house plans

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