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Floor Mats

Floor mats have always been indispensable in homes and buildings because of their functional appeal. A floor mat, or simply a mat, is a thick flat pad used as a floor covering. It is used to protect the floor beneath it. Floor mats are used to keep dirt out of the home or building and keep the inside clean. They are generally made up of a piece of fabric that is either coarse or soft.

Types of floor mats

A mat gets its name from the way it is used. The functions of the two common types of floor mats are apparent from their name – “doormat” and “wrestling mat.” A doormat is used to clean and remove the dirt or the dust from soles of shoes. Doormats are often made of coir (made from either coconut fibers or palm tree fibers and stalks). Some doormats are also made of nylon, cloth, rubber, aluminum, and other materials. Sometimes called “welcome mats,” doormats are usually placed by the front door where visitors are welcomed.

In gymnasiums, floor mats are very important. They are used to protect, for example, the wrestlers or gymnasts. Wrestling or gymnastics mats are used for shock absorption and tear resistance, so they need to have good compression qualities. They are usually made of PVC rubber nitrite foam, designed specifically for impact protection.

One interesting application of a floor mat is noise level reduction. In factories where noise is at harmful levels, for example, doormats are used to absorb sound. A specially-designed floor mat is used to enclose machinery and save workers from permanent hearing loss, excessive fatigue, headache, nervousness, and other illnesses.

Maintaining a floor mat

Cleaning a floor mat may pose a big problem. A vacuum cleaner can usually do the job, but if the floor mat is stained, you may need to brush or scrub it gently (remember that harsh scrubbing may damage the floor mat). Also, don’t forget to change your floor mat regularly.

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