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Two Common Causes of Wood Floor Damage - How to Easily Prevent Damage to Your Laminate Flooring

Wood floors are a great way to add elegance and beauty to any home. And with todays laminate products they can easily be installed by the average person with simple tools. The only drawback to this type of flooring is the potential for wood floor damage to occur if you clean of treat your floor incorrectly.

Common Causes Of Laminate Floor Damage

Water Damage- This is the fastest and easiest way to damage your wood floor. Water damage usually happens when someone mops the floors with water or uses to much of a liquid floor cleaner!

Even though todays wood floors are made to be waterproof they are not 100% water proof! With this in mind you should only clean your flooring with dry mops or with specially designed flooring cleaner used very sparingly.

If you get to much water on your floor it will have the ability to seep in between the floor planks and attack the wood from the side. This is the most vulnerable spot on the planks and prolonged exposure to excess water can cause your floor to peel, buckle or warp.

Floor Scratches- This is another common form of wood floor damage that is easily avoided. The scratch in your floor come from one source, dirt and abrasives that find their way indoors.

The biggest carrier of dirt and grime is the bottom of your shoes. If you have enough of it on your shoes you will scratch the floor when you walk.

Over time you will start to see dulling in your floor where it is most heavily traveled. To avoid this problem remove your shoes when you enter your home.

Another overlooked cause of laminate floor scratches is furniture. The legs of the furniture can easily scratch a floor due to the weight they support. Anti slip rubber pads under your furniture legs can go a long way when you are trying to prevent wood floor damage.

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