Monday, 20 April 2009

10 Reasons Why You'll Love Bamboo Flooring

Thinking about a new floor, but can't make up your mind what kind of material you want to use? Why not branch away from the obvious and go with something unique that you'll love and admire for decades? Bamboo flooring is the obvious answer in so many ways:

1. Bamboo is comparably inexpensive. While not the cheapest thing on the market, for the durability, natural warmth and beauty you'll find with bamboo floors, the price is more than reasonable. Plus it's less expensive than hardwood, but just as attractive.

2. Bamboo stays beautiful for decades. It is manufactured to be exceedingly tough in high traffic areas and every other room of your house. The layers of compression and sealant make the flooring tough enough to last forever and polished enough to look sharp for decades.

3. Bamboo is naturally water repellent. The plants are naturally water repellent, although not waterproof. The finish process makes the material even more impenetrable although you shouldn't let water stand on bamboo for hours, just in case.

4. Bamboo comes in a huge variety of colors and tones. You're not limited to a handful of colors when you choose bamboo. The floors are made in a rainbow of shades ranging from white to almost black with every tone in between.

5. Bamboo is made of weeds. In Asia, where the vast majority of this flooring product is made, it is considered a weed. It's extremely fast growing and often encroaches on farmland. Farmers regularly cut it back and burn the cuttings, but now, as much as possible, manufacturers turn those weeds into floors instead.

6. Bamboo is extremely durable. A very hardy plant, bamboo floors are no different. The material is as hard or even harder than a hardwood, but is far less likely to scratch or dent.

7. Bamboo is a decorator's dream. If you love to play with design and style in your home, you'll love bamboo floors as a backdrop. A mix of a formal style resembling traditional hardwood and a hip, urban look, bamboo lends itself naturally to any design scheme, be it country, modern, or eclectic.

8. Bamboo floors are made ecologically. Not only are the stalks used in production simply weeds that regrow to maturity in an astonishingly short amount of time, the process used to create the finished materials take into consideration ecological factors as well.

9. Bamboo complements any style of home. If your home is a quiet sanctuary or a noisy, vivid hub of activity, it is a natural fit. In a home of peace and solitude, the clean planks offer tranquility and cleanliness. In a rowdy home, they offer a great place for dropped backpacks, muddy dog feet, and even soccer cleats.

10. Your friends don't have it. Bamboo isn't new to the market, but it's relatively unknown outside of informed design circles. It's very likely your friends have never heard of bamboo flooring. When you install yours, you'll always have bragging rights for introducing your family and friends to a truly fabulous flooring alternative.

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