Thursday, 23 April 2009

Options In Travertine Floor Tiles

Travertine flooring is a type of stone flooring. It is one of the most popular stone flooring types. Travertine is well liked for its unique look that comes mostly from how it was formed.

Travertine is formed when minerals dissolve in ground water and become deposited at the ground surface through water sources. As it forms gases get trapped and leave pits and craters in the stone which gives travertine its unique look.

Travertine is know for being long lasting and consistent. When it comes to stone finding consistence can be difficult, but most travertine is consistent and easy to use as a flooring choice.

The different colors of travertine flooring range from a darker brown to a light, almost white brown. Sometimes the stone may contain veins or specks of other colors.

The main differences in the types of travertine stone is the color and the finish. As mentioned, there are a range of different colors, mostly browns, whites and gold. The color is defined during the formation process. Also, there are going to be variances in the stone in regards to veins and speckling of coloring. When the travertine flooring is made it cut from a large piece of travertine, so to get the best color consistency a person would want to get all their flooring from the same batch. However, as mentioned, travertine is rather consistent in its coloring, so even if a person needs to select their flooring from a couple different batches they should still be fine.

There are four finishes that are most common with travertine flooring. Travertine flooring can be polished, honed, brushed or tumbled. The finish will basically determine how the surface will look in regards to shine and texture.

A polished travertine floor tile is going to be the most shiny and smooth. A honed surface is going to have a matte look to it, but it also has a smooth surface. A crushed surface is not going to have as much shine and it will have a slightly textured surface. A tumbled travertine floor tile is going to be a highly textured surface with the least amount of shine. The most popular choice is usually the honed travertine floor tile.

Travertine floor tiles can also be cut differently to give them a different appearance and style. Travertine is usually cut with the grain, but there are also cross cut types, which are cut against the grain. The type of cut will result in more texture to the tile.

The look of a travertine floor tile is also altered sometimes by man. When a company prepares the floor tiles, by cutting them and choosing the surface type, they may also fill in holes or craters in the stone with an epoxy to make it smooth. Other times the texture is left and the tile is sold as it was cut.

Travertine flooring is a very durable stone flooring choice when compared to other more fragile choices. Other stone flooring has a higher risk of being broken or chipped. People choose travertine because it can stand up to the demands made on flooring.

Travertine flooring does require some maintenance and regular care because of its natural design. However, it is worth the time taken to care for it because of its unique look and natural beauty.

Travertine flooring is an expensive choice, but it adds a beauty that is unmatched to any home. It is unique and it is natural, which makes it a popular choice. Travertine flooring is something that a person can use inside and outside. It can be used almost anywhere in the home.


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