Friday, 10 April 2009

Wood Stains Can Help Improve the Value of Your Home

Everybody knows that wood is generally classified as soft or hard wood. Hardwood tends to be more expensive, since they are more durable. When a property valuer assesses a home, the materials and overall look and feel of the home is taken into consideration. The market value of the property is ultimately affected by the demand in the marketplace. In other words, the more buyers who are interested in your property, the higher the value. So if you have expensive hardwood in the house, you are likely to get a higher valuation.

But what if the hardwood in your house looks old due to age? In that case, can you still get buyers to be interested in your property? Remember, there is always the question of perceived value. So you definitely need to find ways to improve the appearance of your home.

Make every effort to improve on the look and feel of the house. The more attractive the interiors, the easier it is to attract buyers. Many homeowners put this off because they think that overhauling the appearance of the home is a costly affair. But this is not necessarily true. It can be as simple as adding some wood stains to the existing flooring.

First of all, what are wood stains?

Wood stains are color concentrate that you can apply to existing flooring to improve on the appearance and to increase the lifespan of the materials. After applying the product, the flooring will look like new. It is logical to assume that a house that looks new is easier to sell than a house that looks old.

Applying wood stain is not a new method. But many industry experts know that wood stains can be very time consuming and difficult to apply. It involves applying the stain with a cloth, and then wiping off the excess. This process can take a few days. Therefore, despite knowing that this method can increase the value of their property, they still put it off.

Fortunately, a new product in the market, known as Beer Wood Stains, has the ability to take the hassle out of the application process. This product allows the homeowner to apply the stains just by using the right spray attachment. That means no more wiping and cleaning is needed.

Once sprayed, the stains dry in just a few short hours. The floor is then buffed and sealer can be applied immediately. Your job, as the homeowner, is completed. The entire process takes only a few hours. In other words, just by putting in a few hours of extra effort, you could be raising the value of your home by several thousand dollars. For sure, that is a substantial return on investment for any homeowner.

In addition, the colors that you choose can help enhance the overall look and feel of the home. You can choose between standard or designer colors. If your primary goal is to appeal to a wide audience, choosing a standard color may be a safer choice. However, if you want to achieve a more unique and exclusive look, try using a designer color.

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