Monday, 27 April 2009

Bamboo - Stronger Than Any Other Floor Covering

If you go for an alternative to hardwood for flooring, bamboo flooring is the perfect for you. The popularity of bamboo flooring is increasing day by day for its stylish look and also for the environment friendly materials used presently. Renowned manufacturers like Columbia flooring, Mohawk flooring and Armstrong flooring offer this item.

Manufacture of Bamboo floor covering

Almost like steel it is very strong and sturdy. Bamboo is much strong than any other objects used in low-priced floor covering and thus perfect for flooring. Bamboo flooring is more comfy to step on than the stone flooring and also stronger than linoleum flooring. You will have almost the same density, feel and weight, like real hardwood in this material.

Floorboards can be made of hard bamboo or be an engineered item. Engineered item means a combined product made of bamboo and another type of wood blended together. Mostly an engineered product contains a plywood core with a bamboo surface. Like all hardwoods the bamboo can also be painted and given a cover of urethane.

Bamboo floors are set up like other hardwood floor coverings. They are most often fixed or attached to the sub flooring. Like laminate flooring modern products are made in this fashion where the pieces lock together and form a floating floor, which doesn't require fixing or attaching to the sub flooring.

To set bamboo floor, the sub floor needs to be in level prior to putting in place. When it isn't level, then asphalt shingles should be utilized to make a perfect level. Confirm that the sub floor material is entirely dried up and there is no damp, which could damage the floorboard.

Bamboo Flooring: Ecologically receptive

People are becoming anxious about the reduction of the hardwood forests in this world. Lots of tree groups take generations or years to grow up, such as oak walnut. No adequate amount of replanting is there and still when new trees get planted, they can't grow up fast to fulfilling the necessity. Hard work is being made to stop the deforestation of forests.

This tree grows much quicker than any tree used in manufacturing wood floor covering. It takes maximum five years to become full-grown. New shoots start to grow almost instantly after harvesting and this comes about automatically and no replanting is required.

Maintaining Bamboo floor covering

Take out dust and debris with a dust mop or broom. Also make a solution using water and vinegar having 4 parts water to 1 part vinegar to clean this bamboo floor. When cleaning, use a slight damp sponge and dry the floor immediately with a mop up. You should never allow the bamboo floor to get soaking wet, since this can spoil the floor.

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