Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Floor Clock: A Classic Necessity

Living in a four-wall apartment isn’t actually living. You hardly have any space for yourself, and your guests usually sit on your bed. You decide to move to a new place. You go to a broker and voila! You get yourself your very own house. It’s new and it’s finally yours. No more rent. However, the problem is a new house is new territory. There isn’t much in it except the wallpaper and the pipes that have been replaced before you decided to buy it. You definitely have to furnish it with some of your old furniture as well as some new ones.

You want to jazz it up, make it look classy. This isn’t the old box apartment that you once had. This is a beautiful place you now call home. You want to impress family and friends as they come for a visit. You want them to marvel at the simplicity and the elegance of your living room, for example. A beautiful hardwood floor clock should complement your home.

Functional Yet Ambient

When you have visitors over, you don’t send them to your bedroom or to your study. You have coffee and cake with them in the living room. Sometimes, by judging the living room, you will most likely know how it is like in the whole house. Filling it with so many things is not necessarily the case, as it is with making it as bare as possible.

Your living room is like the window to your house’s soul. Like any other room in the house, it should be both functional yet ambient. You could double it up as the family room as well as the entertainment room. It may be filled with the necessary gadgetry, but it should also possess a tad of class. A floor clock should be the icing on this cake. A floor clock provides functionality and a certain mood for your living room, but also harmony with all the other furnishings.

Make It A Personal Project

There are some people who can’t be bothered with designing their home. They hire interior designers to design their homes for a fee. To other people, it is the other way around. They’d rather do it themselves, rather than have some stranger design it and get the “feel” of their house all wrong, despite all their instructions. They want to mix and match and check out what things go for them by seeing already existing designs from other people’s houses or in showrooms. If you do this, you shouldn’t get carried away as well, or else the results will be disastrous. Don’t have too many themes, nor make it too negligible.

Make it a personal project. You know your taste better than anyone and you know what kind of theme you prefer in your very own living room. You can have a Greek-inspired floor clock, a Japanese coffee table, or a Persian rug. What you have to remember when designing it is that, you’re trying to design your living room, not make a showroom for IKEA. You should feel comfortable and at home in your own living room. That is the reason behind personalizing your own interior design, right? So don’t go overboard with the floor clock.

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