Friday, 12 December 2008

Floor Cranes

One of the most important processes within any industrial environment is being able to move objects around internally from one area to another. From large and bulky components through to containers and materials, floor cranes are extremely useful in helping to move items around easily and efficiently to make your factory work in a much more streamlined way, and boost profitability through heightened productivity.

One of the most effective and popular floor cranes available is the counter balanced floor crane, which is seen in many workplaces around the world as one of the most useful solutions to the problem of moving things around.

Ensuring maximum stability is the key to being able to lift heavier weights, and one of the main advantages of floor cranes is that the majority of their bulk is located at a relatively low level. This lower center of gravity means that the crane is much less likely to topple over, and acts as a self stabilizing mechanism. By adding a specific counterweight to the unit, the amount of weight that can be lifted is increased, and the limiting factor of what can be lifted becomes the materials that are used to lift the item.

With a floor crane, the key is to create a powerful yet easy to use system for lifting and moving heavy objects around. Most use a design that incorporates a hydraulic system. Thanks to the efficiency of the hydraulics in converting the pressure contained in the liquid into a lifting force that is surprisingly effective.

The advantage of a floor crane is that the unit can lift the materials up from the ground, and then move it onto a flat trolley base for easier moving around. Once the destination has been reached, the crane can be used to lift the object back off the base of the crane, and into the position where it is required. By incorporating the crane into the trolley that is being used to move objects around from one area in the building to another, it removes the need for multiple crane systems, and thereby saves money on installing additional hardware.

Typically, a floor crane will be a hardwearing tool, although careful maintenance is required in order to ensure the maximum longevity of the tool. Checks on all load supporting areas should be carried out on a regular basis in order to identify potential problems before they become serious, while keeping loads within the manufacturer specifications will ensure that undue stress is not put on any components.

With the maximum strength version of the floor crane, it is possible to lift around 2000 pounds from the ground, and then use the telescopic boom in the unit to position it correctly where it is needed. The loading arm can extend to around 96 inches, and offers 360 degree operation to enable full positioning of the load. With hard wearing 8” load bearing wheels at the front of the trolley and 6” swivel wheels at the rear, the crane is easy to move around, and despite weighing up to 2610 pounds plus the load, it remains surprisingly maneuverable and can be moved around by a single person.

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