Monday, 29 December 2008

Step by Step Tile Floor Cleaning

Having a nice tile floor in your house or your new house is a blessing because not many people can afford a tile floor. Tile floors can be very cooling during the summer and the shine that it adds to our home is what we want as a tile floor owner. What are the steps to tile floor cleaning? I am sure you want to keep the condition of the tile floor as it is, right?

Tile Floor Cleaning Step #1 Sweep and Vacuum

Most people start mopping their floor without wanting to go through the fuss of sweeping and vacuuming it first. You must know that water and floor cleaning solution will only cause the dust and debris to clutter instead of going away. Make sure you sweep and vacuum your tiles, especially the corners before you start mopping them.

Tile Floor Cleaning Step #2 DIY Tile Floor Solution

Yes, there are a lot of floor cleaning solution out there for your selection but there is no harm trying this little secret out. The solution is simple, six parts of warm water to one part of white vinegar. Mix them up in a pail and you should have a solution that is able to chase away insects. Also, this solution should not be leaving behind strong vinegar smells.

Tile Floor Cleaning Step #3 Mopping the Tiles

For the cleaning, you can either use a mop or a cloth. Start scrubbing the tiles slowly. If you are faced with a tough stain, scrub it repeatedly and harder or you can try a nylon scrubber. Make sure that you are able to reach the corners as most stains and debris will accumulate at these places.

Tile Floor Cleaning Step #4 Drying Up

Make sure that you and anyone else do not step on the tile floor until it dries up. Stepping onto them when they are still wet will leave behind ugly footprints that will require cleaning all over again. Point a fan to the wet section and the floor should dry up very soon. Also, before scrubbing using a mop or a cloth, squeeze out the excess water.

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Linda Gregham is a housewife with 3 kids and she is very knowledgeable about every chores in the house. She is also a fan of DIY and great household appliances deals online. Ask her anything about housekeeping but make sure you have at least one hour for her lecture.

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