Saturday, 27 December 2008

How to Maintain Bamboo Floor

Some households opted for bamboo floors to add up to the extravagance and uniqueness of their homes. This material delivers an oriental flavor to your homes that can bring any guest to the feel of the Far East. Of course, you want this feeling to endure and continue for a very long time. Knowing how to take care and maintain your bamboo floor can certainly preserve that uniqueness.

Bamboo is a very delicate material to be used in home building. It requires special attention and care. You should know how to maintain materials such as bamboo so that your money will not be spent unwisely. There are many ways on how you can be able to take care of your bamboo floors. Here is a very simple list on how to take care of your very precious bamboo floor.

• It is recommended to footwear before walking over a bamboo floor. Rocks that got stuck in your shoes or the heels of your stilettos can damage the shiny finish of the flooring. Or you just make sure that your footwear is clean.

• When moving furniture, avoid dragging. As much as possible, carry the load that you have to move to prevent scratching. In addition, you can put rubber mats under furniture legs.

• Avoid spilling any liquid on bamboo floors. Exposure to liquid may damage your floor. You may put mats near areas that have water such as the bathroom, kitchen and laundry area. This will prevent spills to reach the bamboo floors.

• Regularly clean the floor. You can use brooms with soft-bristles or a vacuum cleaner to remove grit and dirt that can damage the floor material. Do not let grit or dust to build up on the floor.

• Use cleaning aids but be sure to follow the directions to avoid damage in the floor, especially those that need to be mixed with water.

• Do not uses wax on the bamboo floors.

• If you have pets, trim their claw regularly to avoid scratches. Also, be sure to train them to “do their stuff” in appropriate places.

• Put rugs or carpets in places where high traffic usually occurs such as the living room. Also make sure that the rags and carpets have anti-abrasive properties.

• Humidity can make the bamboo floor planks shrink or can create crack. You do not want that to happen on your floor. You may opt to install a humidifier to maintain proper humidity level in your room where bamboo floor is installed.

These tips are so easy to understand and follow. They are just based on common sense. Like any other material, bamboo floors need to be maintained. These tips may be helpful for you if you already have bamboo floors installed or still planning to have them in your house.

Yet, the best way to take care of your bamboo floor is to contact the manufacturer and the people who installed them. They should know the right stuff to do for you to be able to maintain your floor.

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