Wednesday, 24 December 2008

The Many Uses Of A Heated Floor Mat

A heated floor mat has many different uses. Many homeowners place at the back entrance to their home so that family members can remove their winter boots or wet footwear and place them on the mat to dry. They plug into a standard one hundred and twenty volt outlet. They are also great for a cold workplace or a cold room. Many office workers are constantly complaining of it being too cold at work. One solution is to place one of these mats on the floor under their desk and place their feet on it.

A heated floor mat will also be a good idea for a cold bathroom floor, which can cause quite a start in the middle of the night. The power consumption of one of these mats is about the same as a one hundred watt light bulb. As far as safety concerns go, they are approved by the Underwriters Laboratories in both United States and Canada.

A heated floor mat is made of a heavy-duty rubber and is waterproof. Most of the styles of mats feature a switch that helps the owner choose the required temperature that they want. Each mat contains an electric heating element that produces a heat that is uniform to the whole mat. The actual heating element itself is molded into the rubber, which eliminates any danger of a fire or producing an electric shock.

Another great use of a heated floor mat is that they can be used to pre-heat boots and mittens before the kids go outside to play or before they head off to school. Other areas that people use these mats are on factory floors and cold concrete basement floors. Even though they are waterproof, they are designed to be used in a dry environment. They would be great for people that need to stand on a cold floor for long periods.

A heated floor mat is an excellent as a walkway to an outdoor hot tub.

During the colder months, the mat can serve as a safe comfortable way to exit the house and walk to the tub. Just plug it in before the snow falls and you are ready to go. If there is already snow on the ground, you can still just plug it in and the snow will melt at a rate of two inches per hour. Once it is turned on, it will maintain a temperature of fifty degrees Fahrenheit. You can also secure the mat to the floor area with grommets that come integrated into the mat. It also features traction so that you will not slip while walking on it. The mats have deep rubber surface channels so that water is kept away from your feet. Many different sizes are available and the lengths range from three feet all the way up to twenty-five feet.

Each heated floor mat is manufactured with high quality materials and is for foot traffic and not vehicles. Most come with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty. Check the box for exact warranty information depending on the brand you purchase.

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