Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Wooden Floor Installation And Renovation

We specialise in floor sanding, wood floor restoration and wooden floor installation, we are not just an 'add on' service.Our dedicated team of experienced floor fitters carry out high quality wooden floor installation from sub floor preparation, installation and finishing.

Our wooden floor installation processes can replicate many classic floor or boarding construction styles.

We are now able to offer a total flooring solutions package being able to fit all types of commercial flooring including ceramic tiles, vinyl's and carpets as well as our wooden floor installation, floor sanding and sealing and court marking.

Whether you need a home improvement, house or flat refurbishment in London, new bathroom, a replacement kitchen, wooden floor installation or renovation, extension or loft conversion, internal or external complete refurbishment, then our name is for you!

Here are the main wooden floor types: Hardwood floors.

Hardwood flooring is available in both unfinished and pre-finished form. They are made up of geometrical patterns, composed of individual wooden slates held together by a mechanical fastening or adhesive. We sand and restore all wooden floors from floorboards to parquet floors, from a small domestic hall way to full size commercial sports halls, schools. We fit all wooden floors specialising in solid oak plank flooring / parquet flooring / re-claimed pine boards / new pine boards / block flooring / hardwood flooring / repairs / sanding in new floors / new to old.

Installing solid wood flooring. Before installing any wood floor you must first make sure the sub-floor is free of loose materials. Before you begin installing a floor, you should give careful consideration to the type of floor you want. Basically when it comes to how to install bamboo flooring, the installing procedure is pretty much the same as with conventional hardwood flooring. Make sure you read all installing instructions from the bamboo flooring manufacturer carefully, because humidity can backfire if it comes to any wooden floor installation.

Parquet flooring this has a very different look from typical hardwoods. All our floor fitters are experienced in all types of wood floor fitting such as: solid wood, laminate, engineered, reclaimed timber, pre finished, unfinished and all types of parquet. We can fit overlay, solid wood, engineered boards and the more specialized herringbone parquet blocks.

It is our particular expertise in Sanding and Refinishing floors, especially in the staining process, which gives us the edge to create individual and exquisite floors for you.

Our wooden floor installation processes can replicate many classic floor or boarding construction styles. Quality of subfloor installation Subfloor is one of the main elements of the wooden floor construction. A suitable floor installation construction should be used. For this reason, all wet construction works in the premises must be completed prior to installing wooden floor on heated or unheated subfloor. Additional factors influencing the use of heated wooden floor Use of wooden floor is influenced by the following additional factors: timber species; method of wood cutting; and wooden floor construction

By: Ovidiu Diaconu

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