Saturday, 27 December 2008

Laminate Floor Care Is More Than Just Sweeping

Laminate floors add beauty and elegance to any room they are installed in. Nothing beats the lustrous shine of a properly cared for laminate floor. The problem most people develop with their laminate floors is dulling and general wear that makes the floor look old and unattractive. The good news is that by practicing proper laminate floor care this can be avoided and the shine can be kept for many many years.

Simple Tips For Laminate Floor Care

The one thing any laminate floor owner should do is remove their shoes when entering the house. the soles of your shoes can trap rocks and other abrasive objects that will scratch and dull the floor over time. Taking off your shoes is cheap and easy laminate floor care that will go along way in preserving your floor.

Throw rugs are a great laminate floor care tip that many people utilize. When placed over heavily traveled areas, the throw rug will help protect the floor and also help remove dirt and debris from the bottom of shoes should some one were them onto your floor.

You also should try and sweep your laminate floor daily or at least every other day to avoid a build up of damaging dirt and dust. A soft broom works well but the new dry mops on the market do a much better job of collecting the dust and dirt of your floor. Avoid liquid cleaners as the can do more damage to a laminate floor if they are used improperly. If you must use a liquid cleaner for laminate floor care use very little, only enough to dampen a towel and dry the floor immediately after wards.

Pets such as dogs and cats are also a major contributor to laminate floor damage. Your dogs or cats claws can put deep scratches into your floor that may be impossible to fix. Large dogs are known to frequently damage floors,to avoid this their claws should be kept cut short and they should not be allowed to play on the laminate floor. The same is true for children, always make them play with toys on a area rug as to avoid dings and scratches from metal or heavy toys. These are laminate floor care tips that will take away the potential for major damage if they are implemented.

Laminate floor care is not just keeping the floor clean but also stopping and reducing potential damage before it has a chance to damage your floor. By applying basic practices and cleaning your floor should last a lifetime.

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