Thursday, 4 December 2008

A Pergo Floor Will Last For Years

You should think about laying down Pergo flooring in your home if you want great flooring. It has a great tongue and groove system that will make sure your floor looks great and is installed easily and accurately. You can do it on your own or hire a pro to install your pergo floor. Installing flooring is something you can do on your own if you really want to or get your retailer to recommend a trusted professional.

You will need to determine just how much flooring you need before you buy anything. You can use a room sizing calculator to help you figure out how much you need to buy. If you want to lay the floor down on your own than you will need to just buy your Pergo floor and go with it. It is a complete system so everything you need will be including in your installation package. You will receive the following:

• Pergo Glue (Make sure to use this so the warranty will be honored)

• Installation Kit – This will ensure tight joints and has spaces and a tapping block

• Pull bar – This will make sure that you have a tight fit in hard to get to spots

• Under-layments – This will get rid of any issues with your sub-floor and give you great insulation

• Floor clamps – These can make the installation mush smoother and will make your floor even sturdier

• Pergo Sealant – This will make sure that the gaps are secured between the fllor and the wall to make sure that moisture stays out

• Pergo Putty – This will help to repair any damaged areas that might occur when you are laying the flooring

• Installation straps – These will help make the whole task simpler for you

You should realize before you lay down your Pergo floor that it is for use inside only. You must lay it down as a floating floor and there must be enough room around the sides. You can not attach it to the sub-floor.

You also need to keep in mind you local temperature and humidity, as well a the movement in your home and around other objects. The expansion distance is about ¼” normally and you need to realize this for proper installation especially in a doorway or corner.

Make sure that your Pergo products are allowed to acclimate in their sealed boxes before installation. 48 hours is usually enough, but 96 hours can be required when the temperature is very dry. The humidity should be around 30-90% where the carpets will be installed.

Pergo can be laid on or below grade. You should also make sure the Pergo plans are installed over the Pergo Underlayment Foam or Whisperwalk. If you install on top of concrete then the Pergo 6-mil polyethylene vapor barrier is necessary. Check out sub-floor info before you install.

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