Saturday, 15 November 2008

Free Floor Plans

“Free floor plans” is a misleading term because the best one can get is free floor planning software to help design one’s home or specific rooms in the home. There is very little such software available. One can design a room, change its proportions, place furniture and even add structural essentials such as doors and windows.

The makers of this software claim that it is very easy to use, with no learning curve, but best of all it is free. Free floor plans can be created in minutes, with absolutely no impact on one’s budget. Such software has been made so user-friendly that all one has to do is drag-and-drop in order to create a floor plan. Apparently, it is as simple as that. Such software will contain free-flowing graphics of furniture and fixtures, cabinets, wiring, plumbing, security systems, landscape basics, and even plants.

One doesn’t need to be professionally trained in any aspect of house building – not design, engineering or architecture. These products enable the user to create floor plans and more in only a matter or minutes. There are multiple templates that one can choose from in order to create the floor plan of one’s choice. There are wizards that walk the user through every step in creating the ideal floor plan.

The best part about software of this kind is that it is not only easy to use, but it can be downloaded from the Internet at no cost whatever.

Tools such as these make floor plans accessible to all. Huge payments for professional designers of these floor plans can be cut out from the estimate. Moreover, floor plans can be customized to a certain extent to suit the tastes of the user. All this makes online floor planning software a real temptation, because then your floor plan is entirely free.

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