Sunday, 2 November 2008

What's New in Floor Tile

The floor tile industry is seeing a dramatic shift from
traditional ceramic floor tile, wood flooring and marble
floor tile. The latest trend is metal tile and flooring that is
captivatingly original, colorful and rich in patterns.

Homeowners and retailers are using metal floor tile to
create impact areas that are dramatic and appealing to their
visitors. Google is using metal flooring in the lobby of
one of their buildings to create an unforgettable impression
of contemporary elegance.

The Overture keyword selector shows a rise in the use of
the search term "metal tile" from 5000 in October, 2005 to
23,000 in January, 2006 and it is still climbing.

Some may ask, "Why metal?" There are certain benefits
metal floor tile offers over traditional floor tile: it doesn't crack
or wear out, it reflects light in a way only metal can which
seems to animate from every angle and it definitely gets
people's attention.

The big splash metal made initially was in the
appliance industry from refrigerators to ovens creating a
elegant look that whispers quality . The floor tile industry is
now evolving with contemporary applications from original
metal accent tile designs to metal flooring planks,
complimenting kitchen and bath decor as well as public
and living areas in its quest for new products.

Charles Foster is the chief coatings formulator for all of the Carina Works Inc. metal tile and metal flooring products. His development of Carina Works' durable floor glaze enables any design and color on solid metal to be used as large flooring areas.

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