Thursday, 20 November 2008

Catch All Floor Mats

Using good quality floor mats in your car right from its first use will help in maintaining a high level of cleanliness. Catch-all-floor-mats are a good choice as these mats have several useful features.

Catch-all-floor-mats are mats that provide a moisture barrier and molded outer edge that "catch" unwanted elements before they are able to penetrate your vehicle's carpet. Provided with a stain-resistant nylon-carpeted top layer color that matches your vehicle's interior, catch-all-floor-mats are the pinnacle of floor protection. They add a finished, plush look to any vehicle's interior. Catch-all-floor-mats can be found in myriad colors, which will match any vehicle's color scheme.

Catch-all-floor-mats are available in matched carpet finish with color coordinated edge binding. The Catch-all-floor-mats stay in place with an underside gripper. An electronically welded heel pad offers additional protection and long lasting wear for the floor area on the driver's side. They are also available for second row, third row, and cargo area protection.

Catch-all-floor-mats have a raised outer lip design. Such a design keeps mud, moisture and snow on the mat and does not allow penetration to a surface below. Also, a thick rubber heel pad helps make the floor mats into long-lasting fixtures for your vehicle.

Catch-all-floor-mats do not require any special carpet cleaning products. They are designed for easy hose-off cleaning. These mats offer superb protection for every part of your vehicle.

Catch-all-floor-mats are available in five universal colors which go along with the original carpeting - charcoal, beige, blue, grey and black. Most of the catch-all-floor-mats come with a lifetime warranty.

The use of catch-all floor mats ensures your car is protected from mud, moisture and muck all year round. These easy to clean and catch-all-floor-mats are both semi-custom and custom-designed for a sure fit.

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