Saturday, 29 November 2008

How to Protect Floor Tiles

Taking cues from experts and watching videos on how to install floor tiles will help you get that perfect floor you always wanted. If you follow the steps for laying floor tiles correctly, the job will be finished in no time and before you know you will have a brand new floor.

Now once you have laid the floor tiles and your floor looks stunning, you would probably want to maintain that for long. Although you cannot possibly avoid the wear and tear that comes with time, there are ways to ensure that your tiled floor lasts for long in good condition. We will now see some tips on how to protect floor tiles.

  • Before installing floor tiles make sure that you have stored the tiles in a safe location. While installing the floor tiles be careful handling the tiles. If dropped, the tiles may break.
  • Use a sub floor while laying the floor tiles. A sub floor will prevent the tiles from cracking or loosening. It will also ensure that you do not get weeping tile problem as it locks moisture away. In long run a sub floor helps your floor last better.
  • You can use grout protection coating to protect the grout from discolouration and make it easier to clean.
  • You can choose to apply a protective coating on your floor to protect it. However if such a coat is used remember to maintain it properly or else it may wear off at heavy traffic areas and would eventually look very odd. Remember to weigh the pros and cons of using a protective coating as often maintaining the coating may end up costing you more.
  • Clean your floor tiles regularly using a non-alkaline and non-acidic environment friendly cleaner. Use a damp mop or a sponge to clean the floor. Remember to check that the cleaner you are using is suitable for your floor tile. Avoid using soap or vinegar to clean your ceramic floor as it may lessen the shine.
  • Floor tiles are breakable and a cracked tile in the middle of your floor can never be appealing! So avoid using heavy machinery on your tiled floor and take care that you do not drop anything heavy on your floor.

These easy to follow steps can come handy in having a long lasting tile floor. So even though your job ends after installing the tiles, if you want your floor to remind you of the hard work that you had put in while installing the floor tiles, for years to come, you may want to take that extra little step in protecting your floor as well.

Doing it yourself and taking up a home project of renovating your floor and installing floor tiles is a very enriching experience in itself. The effort that you would put in preparing the layout of the design of your floor, then carrying out a dry run, laying down the adhesive, placing the tiles and finally applying the grout to create the floor would only be enhanced if it is maintained and protected well.

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