Thursday, 20 November 2008

Commercial Concrete Floor Sealers

A commercial concrete floor sealer, also known as concrete floor finisher, is a resin-based, water emulsion sealing compound applied on concrete floors to protect them from corrosion and other harmful elements. It boasts a glossy hard finish and excellent adhesion properties. Commercial concrete floor sealers are most commonly used to seal the floors of commercial areas like offices, factories, and stores. The main purpose of a commercial concrete floor sealer is to deliver an economic, long lasting, and serviceable finish to commercial concrete floors.

Commercial concrete floor sealers shield the floors against dust and moisture damage. Additionally, they protect floors from the harmful effects of weak acids, salts and stains. Sealers comprising epoxies, linseed oil and various urethane based materials are used for commercial concrete floors. Commercial concrete sealers containing siloxane water repellent help to avoid spalling and the premature deterioration of floors. Likewise, for a chemical resistant surface, penetrating concrete sealers are an ideal option.

Sealing the commercial concrete floor not only protects it from everyday wear but also enhances the color of the acid stained floor. Usually, concrete floor sealers are easy to apply and quick-drying. A brush, roller or commercial spray equipment can be used for applying the sealer. A recommended first step in the application of sealers is to clean the floor with some cleaning solution. Commercial concrete floor sealers can also be used on old floors, which are affected by white stains and adhesion problems.

Concrete floor sealers like Chem-calk® 950 polyurethane sealant with tear and abrasion features are suitable for sealing concrete floors in mall areas. In the case of steel-troweled commercial concrete floors, concrete sealers with silicates and surface active agents can be applied. Some of the recent additions in the commercial concrete floor sealer market are sealers colored with quality pigments, sealers with waterproofing coating, and fiber-reinforced concrete sealers with great adherence and mechanical features.

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