Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Antique Floor Lamps

Antiques are sought for their mature beauty and the elegance they bring to a room. The antique trend that exists in the world of home design has even influenced floor lamps. Manufacturers create designs to mimic the sometimes flowery or ornate styles of antique furniture to provide fixtures to match the various types of antique home d├ęcor.

Many of these so-called antique lamps have a gilded base and ornate cloth or stained-glass lampshades. Sometimes, the word “antique” is used simply to describe a hue in the finish. Antique brass is a popular finish in floor lamps. In truth, these are simply reproduction lamps. True antique floor lamps are much harder to find and are substantially more expensive, depending on their history and design. In fact, some French antique lamps sell at auctions for thousands of dollars.

A popular antique floor lamp restoration technique is to replace the electrical workings with contemporary parts to make these lamps safer and more functional. Converting a vintage floor lamp into a halogen or a compressed fluorescent floor lamp combines the benefits of modern lighting technology with the beauty of antique design.

Antique floor lamps are rarely chosen for their light – they really are more aesthetic than functional. A vintage floor lamp pleases the eye and accentuates much of the furniture around it. Brass trim in a floor lamp’s base can call attention to the brass handles of a nearby chest. The carved wood of a maple floor lamp adds to a room’s warm tones and blends in with the rest of the dark wood furniture.

A piece of furniture can be effectively used in design, and floor lamps are no different. Selecting an antique or a reproduction floor lamp has the potential to bring the style in a room together. Choose these lamps if you have lots of brass detailing or a consistent theme of dark wood and warm fabric tones in your furniture.

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